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All moldy, all rotten, all dead

I just unwrapped the tubers I stored from last year. I did both the saran wrap method and the "can't divide this knotty baseball put it all in a baggie" method. All moldy, all rotten....

And to think I spent 3 evenings drying, dividing, wrapping, and storing! Plus all the time it took to dig them up. What a waste. It was two grocery bags full of tubers! I gave them a decent burial in the garden anyway. At least they will serve as food for the tomatoes I will plant on top of them tomorrow.

It's doubly disappointing when I see the new ones I bought and potted up a month or so ago: beautiful, lacy leaves, sprouting up like weeds. The leaves on Bishop of Lladaff are just so elegant. Only one variety has not sprouted yet (Chat Noir) so I think that bag was a dud (both tubers are no shows so far). And here I didn't buy any pink ones because I thought I would have so many of MY OWN!!! (read in sounds of howls of disappointment here...)

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