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Over Wintering Citrus Under Artificial Lights

9 years ago

Hi every one I Aquired both a Improved Meyer Lemon and a Washington Navel orange this year, and was going to over winter in a grow tent. I have bought a very expensive new 190,000 lumen 420wat SunLight LED grow lamp. It seems to be working great! and my lemon and orange among other plants seem to be very happy. at around 3 feet from the light my citrus are getting around 13.5 klux, which is alot windows during fall only usually have 500 lux or so. My question or inquiry is that i have been told a lot of different things about how they should and shouldn't be over wintered. What i understand from doing research is that, they like to be kept warm and in good light since they are a tropical/sub-tropical tree they thank you for 12 hours of bright artificial light a day or more. But am i wrong or are other wrong on that? another thing i hear is that you shouldn't fertilize at all during winter. But is that for using the low 500 lux window sunlight? i haven't really gotten a good definitive answer on keeping you trees in a steady productive state like they would in a tropical area. (link to my youtube channel to see the trees right now in their current state.)
(you can fast forward through my babel and light review stuff to just see the tree's lol)

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