Grass hoppers ate my tree.

8 years ago

I have a 5 year old potted Meyer lemon tree that has been stripped of its leaves by grass hoppers. I recently moved and it didn't like it. I dropped most of its foliage. About a month ago it started to push new leaves and was looking good. I came home the other morning to find it completely bare of new and old leaves. There are 2 leaves that we're not completely eaten with a jaggered maybe 1/2 inch left near the stem. I would like to move it inside for the winter in front of my sw facing window to try and rehab it back to health. I havnt faced this defoliating issue in a while and never right before the dormant season. I have never grown it inside and right now I'm transitioning it to do so (would it even matter to transition with no leaves?). Any advice on how to rehab this tree. I have other Meyers but this is my first citrus tree and it has sentimental value to me, any other and I would probably just throw it out.

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