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Hurricane Rita

17 years ago

Hey all you fellow flower growers,

I am located about 60 miles directly west of Houston where the hurricane is steadily approaching. Some forecasters are saying that the Rita will turn north eventually and we are watching and anticipating that. If not I probably won't have anything left as most folks around here. Just a little insight to those of you that have not been through a hurricane,I actually have never been through one either except when I was 5 years old and really don't remember much except my dad walking outside and saying that the eye is going over us now that is why it is a little quieter. Then it started again. That was hurricane Carla. We have been busy shutting the greenhouse up because we had the 8' walls down for the summer and I hope putting them up will keep the terrible winds from tearing up my tomato crop that is about 3'tall and ripping out of the bags that they are growing in. Most of my flowers are outside and nothing I can do about them but pray. My zinnias are looking awesome right now and I can't even take them to market because my market is in Houston and who's buying flowers at a time like this. I picked what I could and I am making arrangements to take to the hospital and nursing home and some churches on Friday. The big wedding I was suppose to do this weekend is of course canceled. My son-in -law and his family have a 100 acres of trees in containers from 200 gallons to 5 gallon which today they started laying over because otherwise they would be blown over and broke up. We can't get to his place to help him and his family because all the roads around us are so blocked up with traffic that is coming out of Houston. He is only 25 minutes from us but across the River and all the roads have traffic coming towards us and you can't go that way. All the gas stations around us are out of gas and not expecting any shipments till next week. The roads in Houston are at gridlock and they are working to get everyone out but where to then when there is not any gas left. My frien who lives in Houston went to a gas station last night to get gas and the manager of the station said they had gas but wouldn't sell it because he was waiting for the new prices to come in the morning. My freind said if you don't start selling gas right away he was going to call the news media and within a few minutes they started selling gas. He is also going to turn that station into the attorney generals office because they were doing that because of price gouging. Doesn't that just infuriate you? The general public really needs to start voicing their opinion about fuel prices because something has to be done because it is affecting all of us. Farming will become extinct because of fuel prices if something isn't done. Right now it is 97 degrees outside and just way to hot to do anything. I am prepared as I am gonna get for the storm and my family and I are just hoping for the best. My 18 year old son didn't have school today, so he and another buddy are out cutting limbs on big trees for neighbors and friends so they don't fall on the houses.If anyone out there has been through a hurricane and has any advice or things they think should have been done, let us know.


(I am seriously considering changing my name after this)

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