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Weekend Trivia -- Sunday

Happy Sunday Morning, Cottagers - it is a beautiful day here. Sunny, and already almost 50F. On to my question:


It was THE symbol of a generation, or maybe two. It continues even now. The idea of it is tantalizing, a wistful wish not yet fulfilled. Wow, we've invested a lot in this little symbol, haven't we? It was originally designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom, an artist and designer. It was created for a specific cause, and it's design and meaning derive from that cause. In wearing it, we signal our intent for a better world. What was this original cause, and what does the design quite literally indicate?

Ohh, this might be a good one, then again, you guys are smart!! Always ahead of me it seems and my poor feeble brain. There will be clues, as always, if you need them!!


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