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Should I repot my clementine? Initially posted in Trees forum

10 years ago

I am new to this forum as well as owning a citrus tree. I have done a lot if research but am still unsure of a few things, as I have run into conflicting information.
I just purchased a 3 foot Nules Clementine tree, which I have in a pot. I planted it in Miracle Grow Citrus and Cactus mix soil along with some additional potting medium I received from the nursery that I purchased the plant from. I already have 4-5 places that have new growth. Not sure if they are going to be blooms or leaves. Either way, I am very excited about this since I have only had the tree for 2 weeks.

On another note, I am having issues with fungus gnats, which I have been treating with an organic spray. I know that this only kills he adults. What is safe to use to kill the larvae so that this problem can be taken care of? Should I add perlite? If so, is there a way to do it without having to repot again? If not, will it harm the tree to repot it? I just don't want a total loss or close to it, as the tree looks healthy, for the most part. I can send pics if needed.

Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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