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What's the optimum winter storage temperature range for tubers?

11 years ago

I checked on 1 box of stored tubers last Wednesday and they looked fine, except that 2 of them had grown a few thin roots out of the tubers. The first one I saw had what appeared to be a root coming out of the front of it where the eyes should be, but it was far too thin to be a root.

I think the problem is the warmer temps we've been having in December and Jan. In December, the average high was in the high 40's to high 50's outside, and that means the temp in my side storage attic was also getting into the 50's during the day. But we've had some colder weather too, and the lowest it's gotten in there was about 38 degrees, bu that only happened once.

I can control the temp at least a little by cracking open or closing the door leading into the side attic, which lets warmer interior air into the side attic, and since the 3 boxes of tubers are right against the door, they will stay relatively warm when I open it.

But on average I'd say the temps in there have been 40 - 50 degrees F.

What is the ideal temperature range?

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