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Crowd suns to get smaller stems/blooms?

16 years ago

In a study on sunflower spacing and stem size at Mississippi State U., the authors stated that florists can't use sunflowers if the stems are too large, say 1 inch or so in diameter. Does this go along with what you have folks have found? Are smaller blooms also more desirable?

After reading this, my plan is to plant using 8 inch spacing in rows 1 foot apart. This may give me a good stem size to try to peddle to my local florists on non-farmers'-market days. I would welcome, I say welcome, any thoughts on this from any of you pros out there. I have a lot to learn.

This will be my first year for marketing flowers and I'll be happy with almost any degree of success, up to and including breaking even.


Here's a link to the study. Sunflower Study

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