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what happened to my succulent??

k8 (7b, NJ)
9 years ago

hello all,

near the end of august i picked up a succulent arrangemen from a local garden center. one of the succulents is (what I believe to be) an echeveria-- i've never been good with id'ing, but that's what he looks like to me!

anyway, as i was doing my rounds among my plants today, I noticed one of its lower leaves had a fairly large dark spot and was squishy to the touch. two other lower leaves seemed squishy as well. when i lifted one up to see if i could check out what was going on with the stem, it popped off pretty easily. This leaf had been resting on the lip of the terra cotta pot it was in, and had a brown mark where it had touched the lip. the lip is blackened where the leaf was. the same is true for the other two leaves, both of which also rested on the pot. all of the other leaves seem normal.

i've compiled some terrible cellphone photos in a flickr album here:

what's going on? is it possible that my pot burned the leaves? i've been rotating the pot, so that side wasn't currently facing the sun, but it was a few weeks ago. or is it mold? or rot?

any help is greatly appreciated. thanks so much for your time!!

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