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Variation in cuttings from same mother plant..!!

14 years ago

Greetings everyone,

Hope the weather in US has become Dahlia planting friendly by now...

Following are the variation in blooms of the plants started from cuttings of same mother plant, probably a Duet (it resembles with it most)

The normal Red & White one... Note that the white tipped petals are very few:



and following is the Pinkish white form... with almost negligible red base:



Characteristics of "White bloom" plant:

1) very short (7 inches)

2) weak and green stem

3) Bloom size is 3 inches

Characteristics of "Red bloom" plant:

1) Plant height is around 15-16 inches

2) Weak and purplish colored stem

3) Bloom size is a little less than 5 inches

So, what probably has caused this??.. any views..



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