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Jade (Crassula) tree, Part 2--Toni & Pug

15 years ago

Pug, I took your suggestion, starting a Part 2, which never works, similar to a movie sequel.

First, I want to clarify the nursery addy, posted.. it's No S after T.

Pug, what's a hobbit? lol. Is it a plant? On thread 1, you said it keeps you company, so I wondered if you bought a plant or a

If it's a plant, which family is it in? I'd like to view it..or better yet, a pic of yours will be better.

Shipping is outrageous. What irks me is, Ebay sellers and nurseries charge whatever they want. The darn amount is on the package..When we pay 12.99 shipping, get the plant, and the actaul total is 4.95: there's just something disturbing!!

One nursery charges 12.99 shipping for 1-7 plants..If you buy one plant for 7.00, they automatically make 5.99 profit. Multiply that by 100 'customers.' It's unbelieable. Boxes are free, if ordered online. Okay, there's gas to the PO, I'll give them that.

Pug, you asked to see my new plants.. I have to take pics, then dl to Flicker. The Jatropha curcas is dormant. The other suc is a variegated Afra port. Small, green and white leaves..I have to decide whether or not to pot the Afra in a small/bonsai-like container, like its green cousin.

Anyone know how large they grow?

Anyone here grow Variegated Jades? They may be C. ovata, variegata..why are they so slow-growing? Green jades grow three times faster than variegated. Their color is green, white and some in bright summer sun.

I'm waiting to hear from an Ebay seller who has a bi-colored flower, 1 1/2' tall, Thai, Euphorbia, Crown of Thorns. The flower colors are salmon and coral.

I had a bi with green on one side, and orange on the was sooo beautiful. It's impossible finding a decent size, inexpensive, bi-colored, Thai COT's..

Well, guys, have a great wkend. I'm going to check camera to see if batteries are charged..if so, I'll snap some pics..hugs, Toni

Pug, do you know how much Fish Emulsion to use? 1 capful per 16oz, or so bottle of water. Do not let FE sit overnight..After adding to water, shake, and spray.

Does anyone grow cactus? I notice more succulents are mentioned on GW than cactus, or maybe I check in the wrong times.

I only have a few cactus. There's one I'd love to's white. Grows erect. I know, too much information, lol, but that's all I remember..It lived about 7 years, then one winter, up and died.

Bought it from an out-of-state nursery, pre-computers, came by snail mail. The nursery sold very unusual cactus and succulents, but for the life of me, I can't recall the nursery name. The nursery name had a man's name and Nursery after. eg, Bill's Nursery.

He also sold a succulent, small 1-1 1/2" white foliage. Leaves were thick, succulent.

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  • birdsnblooms
    Original Author
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    8:20pm, 50.9F, 59%

    Ryan, you were worried about dropping your 'camera'? LOL...2000' I said previously, you love the sky.
    At least Carrie enjoys flying'd be a bummer if you did and she didn't..
    Vermont looks cozy-comfy..the thought of a little, white church, so serene. I wouldn't want to leave..:)

    Pug, it's a Croton..between my camera and the fact I stink at photography, lol, didn't capture the leaves true colors. Foliage is dark green with splashes of yellow.

    Thanks for the site..most if not all the Crotons on the website are sold here, there's many other species. I have one Croton called Rembrandt's Paintbrush. Leaves on mine are 5" long, narrow, about 1/4-1/2" wide, colored yellow and green. Eldon's Nursery sells Rembrandt. Mine probably won't overwinter; it's one of the least hardy Crotons around.


    It sounds like the fan on you puter burned.
    How old is your computer?
    The fan burned out on our first computer. Same thing happened..smoke filled the air, odor was strong, it scared the heck out of me.
    We ended up getting a Universal fan..thing is, after installation and a year or so later, the fan was the only working component before it broke for good. lol

    Thanks for the site..Toni

  • ryan820
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hi all--

    Yes, Toni... I can't help it. I'm fairly certain I was a bird of some sorts in a past life-- although perhaps my soul is gearing up for becoming one in the next life! LOL After all, it pays to be prepared.

    I wasn't ready to hurry back from vacation-- but the fun part of my trip had ended. The second half was spent with my family back in Pennsylvania, where I grew up. I love them all dearly but my parents take a bit of energy to be around for me. They don't mean any harm and no matter how deeply I breathe, I'm always ready to get going. I did get to spend some quality time with my brother and sister, though-- and that was a blast.

    And for your info-- yes, we had 70's and tons of sun all weekend-- which this time of the year, we must be on our guard as unusually amazing, happy-go-lucky-glad-to-be-alive-lets-go-tan-by-the-pool days often means something BIG is in store for us. They say we may get some snow tomorrow.

    As for my apples-- yes they need a cold period. And I don't know if my two will ever bear fruit. One is a seed that was already sprouting in an apple my wife was eating one day. She showed it to me and I promised I'd grow it for her :o) The second is a crabapple and they often need another crab apple to bear fruit. I only have the one. It already flowers for me, though, so its at least nice in the spring. I don't know if the other granny smith apple tree will ever bear even blossoms-- the seeds of such fruit are often not true to the apple that contains them-- weird, huh?

    My clivia is rather small....and though it has lots of leaves, I don't think it'll bloom for me this year. I suppose I could contact the person who sold it to me and ask how old they think it might be.

    Storing bulbs is a pain! I don't think I'll do this to my bulbs ever again-- so much more hassle and to what benefit, besides ease of moving from one house to another? Yes, I'll keep them in their pots next year. If they need a dormant period, they can go to sleep on their own!

    I'm making pretzels tonight-- soft ones! But my dough isn't rising as it should.....I have pizza hut on standby just in case ;o)

    Toni those are some of the strangest plants I have ever seen..the curly one especially. Where do you get these things?

    Scattered Clouds Scattered Clouds
    Feels Like: 65°F
    Wind Chill: 65° Ceiling: Unlimited
    Heat Index: 65° Visibility: 10mi
    Dew Point: 24° Wind: 5mph
    Humidity: 21% Direction: 40° (NE)
    Pressure: 30.18in Gusts: 0mph

    What a sweet night!


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    Hi ilcapo. Be careful, the first buy can easily turn into an obsession. I've just explained to my husband that I have an addictive personality. =0) There is no particular "look" that is sought after other than healthy. A healthy tree/plant will have firm but not rigid branches. They will thicken with time but this is relative to the size pot you put them in. The older the branches become the tanner they become. As they begin to age, they develop a "bark" look. As they get really old, the bark will almost start to look like it is peeling. This is normal too. Some people have many stems in a pot and let it grow really full. Others train one stem in a pot and train it into a tree. While others train one stem as a tree but in the miniature form of bonsai. Google or yahoo a search of crassula ovata and then hit the pictures button. Look at a lot of pictures and see what is appealing to you. THen you can decide how you want to "prune" yours over time, if at all. The first advice I can give you is take it immediately out of the soil you bought it in and look up the recipes used by people here on how to make your own. The Cactus and Succulent soils you will buy in the box stores is a waste of time as well. I do use it, but only as about 1/5 of the soil. This is what has worked for me: (borrowed from Al's recipe with a bit of a mod)2 parts pine bark fines, 2 parts fired clay (Turface, Haydite, etc.), and 1 part peat based soil. You want the soil to drain really well. Alot also depends on where you live. I live in a humid city so I don't have to water mine as much, even the ones outside. They also don't need a lot of fertilizer. I only feed mine once a year, but I could be wrong in doing that. I do know that most C&S are not heavy feeders and can live in pretty scarce soil. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for all the pictures. Are you satisfied as-is or do you have plans for pruning/directing growth? I'm not saying it needs change, it is beautifully shaped as-is. Just wondering what your plans are. It would be brash indeed to insist this go into a gritty mix since it has done so well in its current soil. Caution is definitely worth repeating however. If a person waters appropriately the plant can thrive in a water-retentive soil. The problem comes in when someone waters frequently, waters some more as the answer to all plant problems, and waters still some more to fulfill some nurturing tendency(that'd be me). The soil then tends to stay soggy, and the plant spends a lot of energy repairing and replacing waterlogged roots instead of growing. If this continues the plant is at risk to be overwhelmed with root rot and death. At that point there are not enough roots to use the water, and the soil is destined to stay soggy until the haggard plant is rescued, or it simply gives up the ghost. With an appropriate gritty mix, the waterlogged condition never occurs, thus it is safer for the novice/casual grower, though under watering can slow plant growth too. (With a quicker wet-dry cycle in a gritty mix, faster root growth can occur and subsequently faster plant growth. Another advantage.) I was trying to talk water, but in the process got very long-WINDED. Stopping now. ez
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    OH MY GOSH! The jealousy is pulsing through me right now. Ditto on above. If your weather is dry right now, I doubt you'd have any trouble with any disease on the cut parts and they'd callous quickly. I don't know about rooting hormone, but I usually use a fungicide powder. Most rooting hormones have fungicide in them. I would think you could go up as high as you wanted to go. Please post follow up pics. You may need a fine saw to get the bigger branches off though. There are two different theories about how to cut something like that. If you cut about an inch away from the branch, the piece left on would rot and fall off (at least it does on a smaller version). Others would say, if you want a smooth trunk, you would cut close to the trunk and actually scoop out a little of the flesh of the main trunk so that when it heals over and forms the bark it will be smooth. If you cut it flush with the trunk and don't carve an indent in it, most trees will callous over and leave a knot on the tree. Sometimes that gives it character though. These are all bonsai theories, but I would think it would hold true of a larger tree as well. Whatever you do, please post follow up pics. I can't wait to see what happens. I don't know if you have enough friends or an e-Bay account but you could make a small fortune on these cuttings. Don't sell them like others, for a fortune, that is. I paid $18 for an 18 inch cutting with a 1 1/2 inch diameter trunk. Many people would fiend over that stuff, especially for bonsai enthusiast. I'd buy one, that's for sure.
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    noid jade, hard to id? crassula argentea?


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    Hey Purple, There's a lot of succulents one can grow w/out any spikes (which I do not allow in my house at all). Gasterias, Haworthias, Aloes, Sansevierias (how could I almost forget them?) various types of Crassulas, lots to choose from. Yet some Euphorbia miliis (Crown of Thorns) have spikes (thorns really & oddly enough they've wormed their way into my collection). I've got 4 or 5 of these in total now, just left a large one out in my bldg's laundry (before the Hurricane), & didn't think anyone would mess w/ it 'cause of its thorns (like those of a rose). It was getting too big for my place anyway, & someone swiped it pretty fast. I had pruned it into very nice shape. It was a stingy bloomer of yellow flowers (bracts really), wasn't even blooming & someone swiped it!!
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  • birdsnblooms
    Original Author
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    2:59pm.. 56.5 89% humidity..Scattered rain showers, and quite dark..too dark.

    Ryan, if I had been a bird in a past life, mom would have had to kick me out of the

    It's funny how life young as 5 yrs old, I loved rollar coasters..the taller and faster the better.
    A few years ago, we spent an entire summer at Great America..the only rides worth waiting in line were coasters.
    If I had the chance, I'd have rode on a balloon, too, but the opportunity never came up.

    Oh Ryan, you made me laugh after reading the second had fun the first part of your trip, until you had to visit parents..lolol..oh yeah, parents can drive us up the wall for sure.
    Does your brother and sister live in Penn? Mind if I ask how you ended up in Co after growing up east?

    How many leaves does your Clivia have? If you have time, can you please count the number? Do you recall if it's a dwarf or standard?
    Cliva's start budding from Jan through July..Autumn isn't the season, too late to flower, but it's a good idea contacting the seller..find out its type, whether dwarf or standard, if/when it was started from seed or divided, and flower colors.. color isn't important, I'm

    When you mentioned 70F temps, were you talking about CO or during your vacation up east?

    Ryan, did you ever grow Daliahs? If so, what temps was it before digging up corms? Did you wait until frost? 32F? or sooner?
    If you decide to overwinter bulbs in pots, will they be kept in a warm or cool spot? Can you leave outdoors in winter?

    You make pretzels, they shaped or long? I've never attempted making pretzels, but it's soemthing to think about. So, were they edible or did you go to Pizza Hut? lol

    LOL Ryan. It's no secret where plants are bought..The curly croton and crested euphorbia: Home Depot. Hanging Jade and Crown of Thorns were bought at two different online nurseries.
    It's practically impossible finding rare plants in Il..once in a while local stores sell something different, but most have the same, old, common greens..
    Last summer, Walmart sold numerous succulents..each were 1.25. I considered buying all, then selling on Ebay, but didn't want to bother with shipping.


    Don't have any younger clivia photos..They're about 2 or 3 yrs old..(I keep a plant journal so can find their exact ages.)
    Perhaps if ours were similar in size, you'd have an idea of your its age.
    BTW, one year I placed the Clivia in gh. The heater went out one the coldest night of the year.. I thought it was a goner.. it lost about 1/3rd of the leaves. Toni

  • puglvr1
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    8:42 pm...70°...68%humidity

    Toni, my mother board on my computer is toast...It was probably 5-6 six years old...I used it everyday, just about. Hopefully my new one will last me at least that long, lol...

    Nice Plant Toni!

    Toni, By the way Meyermike at the citrus forum is asking about is the link to the post.

  • birdsnblooms
    Original Author
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    11:03pm..45.9 71%

    Temps dropped so suddenly.
    Darkness, no sun whatsoever, sets approximately 6:00pm, if that. It's worse when days are cloudy..dark blends into darker. No-in-between..So sad, depressing.

    Pug, so it wasn't the fan? Electronics don't last. Anytime we purchase from BestBuy, they want us to invest in a Warranty. You'd think a tv or computer would work longer than a year.
    5-6 yrs is a long time between computers though..lots of updating. Did you get Vista?

    My newest quest is working with a small Jade. I want to shape one trunk bonsai-style, the other tree-like. Except I have no idea what to do. lol..
    Take care, and thanks for the head-up on Mike..Toni

  • puglvr1
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Thursday 4:00pm, 80 degrees...62°...67% Humidity...Cloudy

    Hey Toni and everyone,

    Remember the succulent I told you my DS gave me, the one that looked to me like a Rose shape? I posted a picture of it below. I think it is an Aeonium?(sp)?

    Here is a picture of the Campfire Jade before and after pics...

    Campfire Jade taken July 12 this year(all green)

    Campfire jade taken today...much prettier now the colors are changing

    The rose type Aeonium?

    Good Luck with your Jade Bonsai the way Toni or anyone else, know where I can find HOYA SERPENS? color> I am looking for a small cutting or small plant? Thanks!

  • birdsnblooms
    Original Author
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    4:14pm, 58.5 37% humidity..cloudy..

    Pug what a difference!! Was it sun or cool temps that turned your Campfire Jade so red? It's beautiful..Your Croton is really pretty too..full and vibrant colors..which direction are these plants facing?
    You said it's 82F, what about night temps? Do they drop much? God, you are SO lucky..wish it was 82

    I don't think the plant your ds gave you is looks like Echeveria..spl. Are the leaves fuzzy? I have two sucs that look like yours, one has some fuzz on leaves, the other is smooth. They're fast growing..
    A few yrs ago, I made a dish garden using this grew full, covering the entire pot, even hanging over edge. Well, Coco, then a puppy, decided it was tasty and devoured the entire plant..

    Pug, I haven't even started working on the jade..don't know what to do, where to begin, how to cut w/o harming the plant. One half is going to a's her half I'm worrid about.

    Hoya Serpens??? Not familiar with that hoya, but I'll look around. You never know what you'll find,
    If I find anything I'll let you know..don't think I have one, unless it's listed under another name. Toni

  • puglvr1
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    6:40 pm... 77°F...71% Humidity

    Hey Toni,

    I would have to say with this one its mostly direct sun, and some cool night temps have definitely helped. Our night temps for the last 2 weeks have been in the mid to upper 60's...which is cooler than the mid/upper 70's that its been for the last several months! Next week, we are getting a cold front. Suppose to get in the upper 50's for us at night...WhooHoo!! Hope that turns some of my Jades red?

    Those particular crotons are facing North...I have them in the front of my house on a window box planted in the dirt.Those get bright indirect light, No direct sun. You can see very little yellow, some of the leaves are green. I also have some that are in front of the house, but are in Full Sun for at least 6 hours a can see they are more colorful, a lot more yellow, very little green in them...I posted a couple of pics below, you can see the difference bet. full sun and no direct sun. Apparently for this variety the more sun, the more yellow it gets.

    By the way Thanks, if you know of a place that has the hoya serpens(not too expensive), that's my problem, seen some online...a little too much for my pocket, LOL...Looking for a bargain or trade?

    Thanks for the correct ID on my succulent, told you I wasn't sure what it was, LOL...I really like it! The leaves are not fuzzy...its smooth and very thick leaves.

    By the way...long story, but my Zebra Plant died a couple of months ago...Went on a three day trip, came back it was all wilted. Never recovered. Have to ask my DD for another one for Christmas!

    This one is facing direct sun at all/appx 2 years old

    This one gets Full Sun for at least 6 hours a day, appx. 3 months old...

  • User
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hey Pug,

    I agree, that rosette shaped growth is either an Echeveria or a Graptopetalum (or maybe even a Pachyphytum?) It's cute, I believe it will grow from single leaves if you like, also probably best in a clay pot (but no hurry, just next repotting). I think it could use more light; the more the light, the more intense the color will be (but increase it gradually pls.)

  • puglvr1
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Thanks Pirate Girl,

    Will take your suggestion on more light...I'm actually doing that right now. I'm slowly increasing the direct sunlight every couple of days. I've only had it a week, so hopefully by the end of next week, I will have it in full sun for at least 6-8 hours a day. Hopefully it will take on a brighter color.

    Thanks also for the proper ID...

  • birdsnblooms
    Original Author
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    9:50pm, 52.7F, 61%

    Thanks Pug...after 45 mins searching for H. serpens, checking my hoyas to see if I had one, knocking down a container of water which hit 2 hoyas, both went flying into the window pane, splattering soil, now mud
    I give up!
    I Googled Hoyas, found many sites, but most were blogs, etc. Seems like the majority who have serpens are residing outside US.
    I didn't try Yahoo, but it probably has the same sites.
    I also checked Garden Watchdog, Logess, Kartuz, Accents, Shoalcreeksucculents, and a couple luck.

    If you get a chance, check out Their hoyas are stunning..There's another site called Christa's Window Sill. If you go there, look at her Bella. I don't know if it's variegated, but leaf edging is super.
    While browsing, I checked a hoya I have called Shepherdii. Ever hear of it? Won it on Ebay last yr. What a disappointment! Foliage is/was limp..thought it'd perk up but it never filled in compact. Do you know if they grow limp, not really limp, more skimpy, naturally?

    What a difference between your Crotons! I like the brighter, more yellow, Croton, growing in a sunnier spot. Did you say one is in the ground? or a pot?
    I have a simiar Croton, but leaves are shaped different, curvy..but same colors as yours. In summer, colors are vibrant, during winter, they tend to green.
    But, color isn't too important, keeping alive is. Crotons aren't the easiest plants, mites love them. If not given proper humidity and fresh air, mites and mealy can attack. Growing indoors, it's important they get sufficient humidity, and air. They're misted daily and a wkly shower.
    North exporsure isn't bright enough here, even though mine are placed in nw windows.
    I'll check out Yahoo, but if they're not available, I give up.
    Did you try the Trade Forum or Dave's Garden? You never know what you'll find.
    Good luck, Toni

    I can definatelys see why you want one..the flowers are terrific.
    One thing I discovered, if serpens aren't fuzzy, they're not true serpens. This was stated on several sites.

  • puglvr1
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Fri..10:05 am...73°F...93% humidity

    Hey Toni,

    Thanks for all your help! I attached a link of H.Serpens below...the leaves are fuzzy, small about a size of quarter, I think? Just guessing since I've never seen one in person...

    As for your Hoya Shepherdii I think they do have a tendency to grow long and sparse(skimpy) not real sure since I don't have one of these. I'm just going by the pics I've seen. The leaves are long and narrow, like green beans right?

    Both my crotons are planted in the ground. The one that is mostly green is also in the ground but planted in a window planter that's built into the house(has dirt). I've never tried growing these in pots. I wish you the best with yours. Kudos to you all that grow tropicals in places like IL and northern states. You guys have so much more challenges than we do!

    Here's a pic I found Hoya Serpens on (flicker)check out the fuzzy leaves and green flower...isn't it pretty?

  • greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Toni, I am so jealous of your "Hummel's Sunset"! I can't wait to get one. If it doesn't happen soon, I'll probably have to buy on-line.

    Pug, I've got to say "Wow!" to your Campfire jade, as well! You've colored it up nicely! I remember that you were worried that it might not look as striking as those grown elsewhere. Two thumbs up!

    I'm between classes at school, so I'll have to leave it at that. Thanks to all for the pics! Sorry I haven't been around as much......things are getting quite busy on campus this time of year.

    Oh, if you're looking for might try Ted Green's site, linked below. I don't see the Hoya serpens on the main page, but I'm sure you could write to him and ask (he's very helpful). He lives in Hawaii, so the cost is likely to be high. I don't work for him, I promise. ;)


  • birdsnblooms
    Original Author
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    2:27 62.4F 88% drizzling

    Pug, there's all kinds of info on H. serpens, including a youtube video..flowering in
    It's a beautiful flower. Problem is, I don't know where it's sold..One thing you can try is emailing nurseries, asking if they have it in or will be getting any.

    I've been searching for a variegated Ivy Geranium, seems they're extinct. Even a nursery known for ivy geraniums hasn't had any variegated types.

    Maybe the site Josh posted has your hoya. If the nursery is called, Rare Hoyas, they if anyone should have one available..

    So your Croton is growing in the ground..We went to GA once..outside of the hotel we were staying, grew a large palm tree, and Crotons surrounding the tree..What a sight!

    Pug, the Hoya Shepherdii always looked skimpy, from the time it arrived in the mail. (small) I thought it'd needed TLC, but it never grew right. I've seen pics of shepherdii, long, 3-4' growth..they looked nothing like mine..
    It seems, every so often, a plant is, well, defective?? lol..Honestly..don't know if the parent had problems, or seed or whatever, but they don't grow like they should.

    Pug, thanks for being so understanding. It's true, people who live in cold climates and grow tropicals have to put in overtime trying to keep them alive..

    Josh, thanks...Do you not have a Hammels? If you want the name of the nursery I got mine, let me know..
    In the meantime, get to your school work..:) Toni

  • greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I have no Hummel's Sunset! I'm working my way through the list, though...If I can't find one locally by spring, I'll be forced to order on-line....


    4:40pm, 75°F, 34% humidity, dew point at 44°F....
    Dry, warm days. Not Fall weather at all.

  • birdsnblooms
    Original Author
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    7:15 pm, 52.3 84% humidity, raining, lighting, thunder

    No Hummel's Sunset!!! You're kidding? Living in CA, I'd think you'd have access to any plant. Locally bought.
    If you decide to order online, ask away..price was very reasonable.. Toni

  • puglvr1
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago


    Thanks for the nice compliment on my Campfire Jade :o)

    I must say I am so happy with the colors, its hard to believe actually!

    Josh you really need a Hummel Sunset !! They are sooo pretty! I just hope mine will color up like my Camp. Jade. I pruned my H. Sunset a lot...I hope it comes back?

    Thanks for the Hawaii Hoya site. I'm afraid they are a little too expensive for my budget...I can only guess how much the shipping is all the way from Hawaii...I really was hoping to get one on a trade or something really reasonable? But it can wait, all good things are worth the I've been told, lol...

    By the way, Toni mind if I ask where you got your beautiful Hummel Sun. Jade?

    8:50pm...76°F...96% humidity, mostly cloudy

    Can't wait for our cold front on Monday morning...low's in the 50's...Yay!!!

  • birdsnblooms
    Original Author
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    10:20pm, 49.1F WOW, 86%

    Can't believe how low the temp got in the last two hours..My brother said we may get snow, Monday. I don't want to think about siree.

    Pug, got the Hammels at
    Type in hammels Jade in the search box. I couldn't find it under succulents.
    Maybe you should write to Fred at Accents. Or phone. When I want a plant bad enough, I'll spend hours on the phone, even if it takes 2 time I was looking for a Calathea longifolia/insignis. 3 yrs later, there it was, on a site I'd never before shopped. I called the gh and the owner told me he had just posted the plant right before my call..I ordered takes persistence, but when you want something bad enough, you'll hunt for it.

    What about the hoya forum? Maybe someone is willing to trade??? Good luck, Toni

  • puglvr1
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Thanks for the info Toni...I only have a few hoyas, so I really can't trade for much. Most of them already have the hoyas I do...but no worries, I will wait. I'm not even sure how well this variety will do here in FL, might be too warm for it? Like you said Persistence, I have that if nothing else, lol.

    Wow! 3 years before you found the plant you have been searching for, that is a very long time, not sure I have that much patience, lol...

    Thanks for the link to your if we can just get Josh to find one...I know he wants one, right Josh?

    Toni Snow!! NOOOOO!! I wish you no snow, its not even Halloween yet, YIKES! I will send our FL sunshine your way. its suppose to be 80 here today...

  • birdsnblooms
    Original Author
    15 years ago
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    2.10 64.8F 88%

    Hey Pug.. Please send heat this, I can do w/o sunshine a few days, but it's warmth I want to feel.
    There have been times we got a snow showers a few days before Halloween, then on Halloween it was near 80F. Go
    It's way too early to see snow now..we've got several months ahead to deal with the white stuff.

    I like snow from Christmas to New Years, it looks pretty, like a Christmas card, but afterwards I want to see AND feel even 60F would be fine. We haven't autumn or spring seasons anymore. It goes from one season to the next. Short Summer to longgg WINTER. So depressing.

    I hope you and Josh find the plants you want. I'll keep a look out, but for some reason that particular hoya is scarce.
    Maybe you should check out the Trade Forum?? I've never visited, so don't know how it works.

    Yep, looks for Calathea longifolia 3 yrs, not with patience, but had no choice, lol, then there it was, staring me in the face..Toni

  • greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    12:50pm, 77°F, 36% humidity, dew point at 48°F....

    Howdy, and happy weekend!
    Toni, I'm sending you sunny vibes, but I'm afeard it just won't help! So many mountains between us!

    Not much doin' out this way, but I had the camera with me on the deck this morning so I took a few pics of the jades I'm growing in the herb-planter. I cut one branch from the tallest of the jades (on the right) - now it has a single trunk...I want them "bushy" and compact, for use as bonsai in a couple years. Pic one:


    I'm really excited about this little leaf-grown "Hobbit" jade, rising from the mould...two pics. Notice, in the second pic, the many leaflets developing at the soil-line.




  • birdsnblooms
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    15 years ago
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    3:05 61.2 83%

    Hey Josh...Happy weekend to you too.
    The mountains must be blocking your vibes because as you can see by the temp, it's

    I was wondering what the little plant in the center was. It doesn't look like a regular Jade. It's so cute..That's a hobbit??
    Do hobbits have fuzzy leaves? I had one last was shaped like a hobbit but leaves were fuzzy..Another plant the pup ate..he got hold of a good number of sux when we got him..sheesh.
    Under one table were several succulent dishes I made up. Those were the plants he got. There's now a gate between rooms so he can no longer get in that room.

    Are you guys and gals watching the old Halloween movies on AMC? Next Fri is Halloween, time for horror movies, colored and falling leaves, and trick or treaters..

    In autumn, do leaves change color, fall off trees? In Fl and Ca? Toni
    Do leaves drop in warm climates? Toni

  • puglvr1
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Sun: 72°F...50% Humidity...Fall is in the air. First time in a while, our humidity and temps been this low :o)

    Josh, super cool on the Hobbit leaf growth!!

    Toni, not much change in fall colors here in FL...everything pretty much stays "Green" all year round, with a very few exceptions, but nothing you can really notice!

    Hobbits' leaves are just like Jades, not fuzzy at all. Hobbits are cute little plants. I have one that I posted before, remember its caled Monster Hobbit. I think its because the leaves are so much "larger" than the regular hobbits that I have.

    Toni, let me know if you want me to check and see if our H.depot still has some of the Monster Jade Hobbit above that I posted a pic of. If you want one it will be just the cost of the plant($3.49) plus the shipping charges. Send me an email(My Page) if you want one?

    One of these days, time permitting, I would love to drive up north and see Fall/Autumn trees changing colors...looking forward to that.

  • greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    12:57pm, 77°F, 36% humidity, dew point at 48°F...

    Toni, Pug, Ryan, et al.! I hope your Sunday is looking good. As you can see, our fine weather has held. Tomorrow's forecast, mid-80°'s --- with a chance of rain by Thursday (and continuing through Saturday...). At the least, our temps will drop into the 70°'s, which would be refreshing.

    Pug, I finally came across a satisfactory explanation of "monstrose" - apparently, it refers to an unusual growth, mutation, or variation on a Jade plant. The monstrose growth is removed from the parent Jade, rooted, and then sold or cloned as a monstrose sport/form - such as 'Hobbit,' 'Gollum,' 'Skinny Finger's,' et cetera. Sometimes, a monstrose form will yield yet another mutation, which leads to a new monstrose sport. For instance: "A Hobbit Jade, for example, is a monstrose growth form that originally appeared on a Crosby's Compact Jade. The Crosby's Compact Jade or Mini Ming Jade is a small leaf monstrose, which was first found growing off a Regular Jade."

    Toni, you bet I'm watching Hallow'een horror movies (although, ironically, I can't stand the Mike Myers "Halloween" Franchise!). I love the horror genre, any time of year. My friends and I even have a tradition of watching "Evil Dead" every Hallow'een.

    As to Fall Colors: yes, our leaves turn quite vivid! The very best trees for this area seem to be Chinese Pistache, Liquidambar, Tupelo - things like Maples, Oaks, Crape Murtles, and Catalpas (for big splashes of yellow) are pretty, as well. Our native willows provide incredible swathes and drifts of gold, especially along the river-banks.

    That's about all for now, since Pug covered the info. on the 'hobbit' Jade. Toni, as this little sprout grows larger, it will begin to resemble the parent Jade more and more. I think the leaves look "fuzzy" because you can see dust on the leaves in the macro-shot.


  • birdsnblooms
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    15 years ago
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    4:08 49.9 36% sun-showers

    Good afternoon, Happy Sunday.

    Pug, although I dislike living in a cold climate, autumn is a beautiful time of year.
    Today is a perfect autumn day..It's very very windy. Trees are vibrant colors, red, yellow and orange, leaves are blowing around. Time to rake.
    50F is reasonable, but I wish winter didn't get much colder. A few days at 30F, even a couple weeks, not 4 months and longer..

    Thanks for the Hobbit offer, but I promised hubby I wouldn't buy plants (online) for 3 You know how it is, if it's not a plant, it's a plant supply: book, pots, etc.
    Hobbit a very pretty and unusual-shaped Crassula..every so often they're sold here. Think I mentioned I had one, that is, until Coco, (dog) thought it was a chew toy, among other plants, mostly succulents. I found bits and pieces, nothing salvagabele.
    So, if I don't find it locally, I'll hunt for one after 3 months are Home Depot sells quite a few succulents, so it's possible they'll have one available.
    Do you know how tall they get? My Hobbit was young, growing in a bowl.

    I've got odds and ends in different shaped containers. Trying to decide if they should be separated or kept together..3 bowls-ful of sux are sitting in the kitchen..What would you do? Place individually or keep in big bowls?

    They're predicting snow tonight..When I heard the forecast lastnight, I ran outside, hauling in as many plants as possible..they all needed cleaning, and sprayed for insects.
    All that's left is Christmas and Easter cactus, Azalea, Prickly Pear, some other type of succulent, think it's called Candleabra, Plumosis and Asparagus Ferns..
    Two plants, right outside the back door weight a 8' variegated yucca and 4 1/2' Screw Pine/Pandanus. They're heavy to begin with, after all the rain, that's where ton times two comes The problem is, both have spider webbs. Hosing will only make them heavier, plus it's too cold to hose at 50F. So, what do I do? I'm thinking about removing sections from the Yucca, rooting each, but I'd feel bad going this route. Too many
    I have an unidentified Hoya..Foliage is round, semi-crinkly, the center of each leaf is indented. Sound familiar, Pug?

    Pug, I've never been east, but heard VT, MA and ME are beautiful this time of year. If you ever plan on visiting a place known for colorful autumns, try one of the eastern states. Toni

  • birdsnblooms
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    15 years ago
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    Josh, you and I were typing the same
    I started the above post at 2:55, but besides typing, was watching an 'eerie' movie called, The Spring.
    About a small town, Springville, bearing a magical spring (fountain of youth)Drinking spring water keeps people young looking..But, after they turn a 100, they're killed, ironically, on their birthday.

    Josh, you don't like Halloween? The movie/s? What about Fri the 13th?
    My favorite horror movies are Rosemary's Baby, & The Omen series. Oh, The Exoricst is frightening. That demon face causes nightmares. lol
    As for zombie movies, my favories are Night of the Living Dead, both old and newer versions and the Body Snatchers.
    I'm mostly into ghost stories. The Haunting, (old) Amytiville Horror, (old) whoooo..getting goose
    Don't know if I saw Evil sounds familiar.

    I bought a Montrose plant at Walgreen's. Thought I explained info about Montrose Plants, from its label.
    'Monster Cactus are freaks of nature that are fun and easy to grow. Rather than growing from one point, 'monstrose' plants grow from many points, creating bumpy, twisted, and gnarly shapes.'
    Their website is

    Pug, here are two other sites that might help.

    Wish addys were clickable. Typing out can be a pain. If you don't feel like typing, Google montrose plants, there's many sites regarding these unusual plants. The sites explain how they're grown, and display interesting pictures.
    I'm not into cactus as much as sux, but who can pass up an odd-shaped growing specimen?

    Josh and Pug, the grass is always greener. Literally. You both claim how refreshinig cooler temps are. Visit north/east states between Dec-Feb, you'll run back to Fl and Ca. Hop on the first plane.
    80F sounds great, even if raining.

    Josh, when you described Montrose plants to Pug, you mentioned Jades..I believe Montrose covers several plants. Cactus and succulents..Did you see photos?

    Josh, I have no idea what the 3 trees you mentioned are..they're probably CA natives. What a difference between Ca and Fl, huh?

    Pug, are there any plants/trees in Fl that go dormant once temps drop? Even if they don't change color, do they not halt growth?

    LOL Josh, when I mentioned fuzzy leaves, I was talking about a plant I had..(chewed by Coco) It was shaped like hobbit, but this particular type has fuzzy leaves. So, it had nothing to do with
    BTW, Accents sells/sold Hobbit.

    It's now 5:20pm, temps dropped and dropping, 43.9F, 45% humidity..sigh. Maybe we'll get snow afterall. Toni

  • caudex1
    15 years ago
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    Here's a huge mound of Portulacaria afra, this was at the L.A. Arboretum. My guess is that it was 30-40ft wide and maybe 8ft tall.


    Picked up a small one in the clearance area at local nursery. Going to put in the ground to get it big then dig up at a later date to bonsai.

  • greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    8:46pm, 53°F, 57% humidity, 37°F dew point....

    Sorry for the confusion, Toni! When you asked if Hobbit jades had fuzzy leaves, I thought you were talking about the Hobbit jade! My mistake! Your dog ate two plants, that resembled eachother.

    "Monstrose" is, indeed, a term that applies to different plants - it's a descriptor, like variegated or weeping. In the case of jade plants, the variations we typically see are monstrose growth forms.

    Now, as to the size/height of Hobbit jades - well, I saw some very large Hobbit jades just the other day! They were about twenty inches tall, two inches in diameter, and had beautiful smooth grey trunks. For the most part, they seem to grow at a moderate pace.

    Toni, Friday 13th is good! Jason is a great monster/zombie! But the "Halloween" movies...I've never really liked the Michael Myers character.....just not scary enough, and not a very compelling backstory.

    "The Wolfman," the remake, will be coming to theaters soon. Anthony Hopkins, and some other well-known actors were involved. It looks excellent!

    Alright, I'm going to go fill out my ballot. I figure I've waited long enough to vote....

    Good night!


  • puglvr1
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Toni, no problem...I truly understand what its like, when you have too many plants, lol...DH said the same thing..."No More Plants", but he knows that's not possible with me. But I will take a little break for a little while myself. Christmas is around the corner, gotta save up for gifts! Toni, not sure how big the Hobbits get, but I'm sure in pots...they don't get that big, pruning is always an option, so I'm sure its easily maintained! If only I had the problem of it getting too big, LOL...

    Toni, I guess as far as NOT Changing colors, but goes dormant, I really can't say I can thing of any at the top of my head, although I'm sure there's some?

    In my experience the main difference between CA and FL weather would probably be in the summer...FL is a LOT more humid and sticky, and our night time low's don't go below mid to upper 70's , but CA's humidity is a lot lower in summer and the night time lows get cooler at night. Our winters are probably a little more similar to "Southern California", that's my recollection of it when I used to live in Orange County,CA area many years ago...

    I've been watching the "Sci-Fi" channel a lot, lots of scary movies this time of year!! Some are pretty good, some are just plain ridiculous!

    Caudex, those are some pretty BIG Port. Afra...I knew they get big, but I will never see that here in FL. Thanks for posting!!

    Our cool front has arrived:

    It's 11:05am...59°F...56% humidity, low's tonight is 49°F

    I love it!!

  • birdsnblooms
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    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Caudex..thanks for answering my question about size of Afras.. Think mine will get as big by next spring? lol
    What a tree!
    In the front, there are 3 plants, one in bloom, orange flowers..Are they Aloes? mistake..didn't explain properly. Actually, I did ask Pug if Hobbit had fuzzy leaves. I had two Crassulas that resembled eath other though one had fuzzy leaves, the other smooth. Both had foliage similar to Hobbit.
    My pup ate several plants last winter. From one pot to the next..don't know what his fascination was, he didn't ingest them.

    Guess we all have different fears. Some stories are more frightening than others..for instance, the movie Copycat troubled me. Moreso because it's realistic; there are serial killers out and about.
    The older vampire movies had a dark quality, but nothing I consider scary. Forget the new Dracula films..thumbs down

    Rob Zombie, has completed a remake of Halloween. I'd have to read up on his, so-called newly-improved story, viewing short videos looked interesting.

    Fill out a ballot? What do you mean? Vote at school?

    Pug, I saved a little money, so while browsing Accents, (another nursery I should steer clear of) there were a few more Crassulas that look interesting. I'm going to list them, plus I've a few questions. Below.

    I prefer hot and humid to cool and dry, so if I had a choice, it'd be Fl or So. CA. Do not like dry air period.

    SciFi has very few good movies..Try AMC. There's other stations, too. Steven King's, The Stand was on SciFi today. The book is better than the movie.

    Wish list:
    Bears Paw....Cotyledon
    Pointed Jade...C. argentea pointed
    Trunk of Elephant..C argentea elongated
    Princess Pine lycopodium..C. psedeolycopodioides
    Weeping or Trailing Notonia
    Senecio jacobsenii
    Euphorbia cylindrifolia

    Questions: 1. Is Spoon or Truncated Jade a Hobbit?
    2. Baby Jade. C. argentea mimius..Is this an Afra or an all together different small-growing Crassula?

    I received 3 plants from Accents today.
    Flowering Jade: C. Schmidtii
    Flaming Fire Jade: C. Coccinea
    Var Jade C. Argentea variegata
    Pug, like I said, I saved a little nest egg..wonder if I should invest in a few of the above plants?? lol..What to do? What would you do? lol..hugs, Toni

    Oh, 1:33AM....35.4 54% We got the predicted snow flurries today, no accumulation, thankfully..

  • puglvr1
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago


    Meant to thank you for the great definition of "Montrose up above", missed it the first time around!

    Toni, I am the last person to ask advise on whether or not to buy new plants, my advise is always...YES, lol...good for you for saving a little plant egg nest!

    About your question #1, I would have to say by looking at the picture from, my guess is yes its the same as a "Hobbit". For question #2, to me that picture on their website looks like a portulacaria Afra, reg. variety. But I do know that there is a small leaf jade plants, I have a couple of small plants, one f them might be a mini leaf sunset jade, I found it for 50%off at Lowe's. Should know in a few weeks as our weather gets cooler If it changes to a redder color?

    Let me know if you decide to get more Succulents...

  • birdsnblooms
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    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Yesterday, IL got the first and more to come, snow flurries. Thankfully, no accumulation.

    After broaching the 'P' word to hubby, guess he felt bad, told me to order a few more..for one, I don't spend a lot of money on material things, but moreso, now that winter's nearing, buying plants out of state, require shipping, pretty much comes to a standstill. Some places don't ship after October. Ebay sellers deals mainly in seeds. So, buying plants, from Oct-Apr pretty much comes to a halt.

    So, you asked if I'm going to order..
    Probably :) Accents has a few interesting Crassulas, and has several gorgeous species..
    I'll let you know if I

    PS. You said, you think the mini Jade is a Sunset? Why do you 'think' it turns red? Wish you knew now, cause if it does, and I order, wouldn't mind having

    9:51 PM....40.5F 39% humidity. Very cold...

  • puglvr1
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Gotta love FL...its Nov. 3rd 6:45 pm and the temp is 73°F, 67% humidity tonight's low is 61°...Clear

    Toni, the small mini jade plant I bought 50%off at Lowes must be some sort of Sunset(hummel), the leaves are definitely turning red, unless its another sport that has more red in it than the reg. jade...Here is a picture of


  • birdsnblooms
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    15 years ago
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    Pug, it's gorgeous. Is it yours? lol
    Gotta find a Lowes here in Il...
    Why do you call it a mini? What indicates it's mini?

    Here is the last plants of my have to wait 3 months before rodering
    Jade, Trunk of Elephant


    Euphorbia Round Stem...caudex w/age



  • puglvr1
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Toni, those are COOL plants!! I especially like the uniqueness of the Euphorbia!! Way too cool! Very nice choices...

    When you see this picture, it will answer your question on why I call it "mini jade"...That one leaf is from my Reg. size Jade...What do you think?

    This Campfire Jade is going to town in turning red...I just LOVE this one, I am so glad I bought this!

  • birdsnblooms
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    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Pug, your Jade is absolutely stunning. Your Campfire puts all my plants to shame.. :)
    What is the upper Jade's name, other than mini? The reason I'm asking is the Jade posted above, Elephant, has the word 'mini' in it. It was purchased at Accents. Don't know if it's mislabled.
    Here are two more plants I bought..Do you know if the Crassula marked Flaming is the same as Campfire?

    Flaming Jade


    Kalanchoe Elephant Ear or Velvet Plant


    4:20pm.....71.3 28% humidity...Beautiful day..been working outside...Toni

  • puglvr1
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hi Toni,

    Thanks for the kind words, your so nice...Your plants are just as nice, believe me!

    You're right, when I said "mini" I was referring to the size difference in the leaves as opposed to "large". But you're right, mini jade is known as Elephant jade. The main problem is I'm not sure exactly what the proper name is for the smaller leaf jade. What is the difference between Crassula Argentea and Crassula Ovata? I don't have the answer, LOl.. all I know is I have some with smaller leaf, and some with the bigger leaves....

    By the way your Flaming Jade looks the same to me as my Campfire Jade...the leaves looks like mine. All I can say is if possible( I know sun is a luxury for you right now), but if you can give it as much sun as possible mixed with your cooler temps, I really believe it was a combination of both that turned it so red...of course I had to slowly acclimate mine to full sun. I would say I did it in7-10 days. But remember I bought this plant in the hot florida summer!

    Nice plants Toni, I really think you will like your Flaming Jade...

    10:10 pm...65°...87% humidity

  • ryan820
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hi ya'll! (I felt like pretending I'm southern this morning)

    I haven't posted in here for a while and just finished reading up on the goings-on.

    Before I go too weather

    Broken Clouds Broken Clouds
    Feels Like: 33°F
    Wind Chill: 33° Ceiling: 12000ft
    Heat Index: 33° Visibility: 9mi
    Dew Point: 32° Wind: 0mph
    Humidity: 96% Direction: 0° (N)
    Pressure: 29.68in Gusts: 0mph

    It's a lil raw here!

    And worst of all, here comes the WIND. The Rockies are getting loads of snow right now but the snow level, despite being relatively low, isn't affecting us.

    As for my plants-- no new succulents! I do, however, have a little baby cactus I collected from the wild on my in-laws ranch. Its so tiny and I have no idea if it'll survive but its still looking good (been a few weeks now).

    My Port Afras are showing signs of dormancy-- which is good, because right now, they need more light to get any good, strong growth. I have one grow light on them now and plan to add two more in he next few weeks.

    However, I've turned my attention to something far more important this time of year-- my amarylli! I currently have four bulbs potted and all are pushing scapes (flower stalks) and I suspect I'll see my first bloom in about a week and half to two weeks. The first one to come I think will be red nymph, which is an absolutely huge bulb and will likely give multiple scapes with many large, double flowers. Next up is Jewel (a white double), Royal Velvet (a deep, almost purple red single) and what I believe might be Elvas (another double) that has an amazing contrast of red and red shading. I still have a ton of bulbs in the waiting, too. I usually stagger the planting of these bulbs so as to get continuous blooming, but the bulbs I mentioned above would not stop growing! So they went back into the dirt.

    I'm also trying Superthrive for the first time-- any one else have any experience with this?

    Well I'm off to the gym-- gatta warm up!


  • birdsnblooms
    Original Author
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hope everyone is fine.
    Thanks Pug, you're kind too, even if you're giving praise to be nice. :)

    Why is 'mini' called 'elephant?' lol
    I think Ovata is a standard Jade. At least that's what's written in plant books and the net when you search Jade.
    Argentea's is part of Crassula species name.

    Speaking of Ebay, I won a succulent called Pickle Plant/Othonna.
    There's some caudex plants looking me in the face,

    Hey Ryan..brr, sounds cold..It's been summer-like here, but that's supposed to end tomorrow..SNOW

    How do you know Afras are going dormant? Any indication?

    Ryan, are you familiar with mini Amaryllis? Several yrs ago, I placed an order. The nursery sent a few packages of free was called Mini Amaryllis, no other name..I tossed bulbs in a pot..a few yrs later, grass-like foliage emerged. In summer, it shoots out 3" pink flowers..Ever hear of mini Amaryllis? I don't force, yet they bud..but only in summer.

    We got a shelf that is way larger than expected. I'm playing around, trying to find the perfect spot. Don't know what to's going to take a wk transferring plants from their previous shelves to this new Decisions, decisions..

    Time 12:53pm, 62.8F, 72% humidity, just started raining..Toni

  • ryan820
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hi Toni--

    Dormancy in a port afra may not be a true dormancy when one considers how a maple or oak might go dormant. For my port afra, it has simply slowed or stopped its growth. I limit the water severely during the winter months because any growth is usually gangly with long internodes and will usually droop down instead of growing straight out or up in a strong fashion. I use the same treatment with my olives and restrict the water so that the plant is essentially slowing to survival mode. Although, my one olive that went too dry during my trip in October still has yet to show signs of life! It may wait until the Spring when it gets more light and more water.

    There are a lot of "amaryllis" out there-- the ones I grow are actually Hippeastrum of the Amaryllis family. I've heard of mini amaryllis but never actually witnessed any first hand. I guess these guys you speak of are cold hardy since they returned again for you.

    BTW-- "mini" jade and "elephant" jade are one in the same. I never thought of it before, but it does sound silly to call something both mini and elephant. However, it is called mini because of its persistently small leaves-- it is called elephant jade because elephants love to eat this stuff in Nature. I'm told elephant/mini jade it like crack to them-- like a chubby kid in a candy store, they devour this stuff (no offense to any kids out there!).


    Scattered Clouds Scattered Clouds
    Feels Like: 57°F
    Wind Chill: 57° Ceiling: Unlimited
    Heat Index: 57° Visibility: 10mi
    Dew Point: 25° Wind: 6mph
    Humidity: 29% Direction: 30° (NNE)
    Pressure: 29.77in Gusts: 0mph

  • puglvr1
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hey Ryan,

    Boy is it COLD in your part of the world, BRRRR!! To cold for my FL bones, lol...

    Do you know what the correct "variety" name for the reddish small leaf jade I posted several 5-6 posts above? I am comparing it to the reg. size jade leaf in the pic. I thought it was called mini leaf jade or small leaf jade? I know that mini jade and elephant jade is the same, but was confused about the small leaf(crassula) jade's correct ID. Maybe you can shed some light, Toni and I are not sure.

    5:00 pm...71°F...44% humidity(very low for us)
    49°F dewpoint Partly cloudy...lows tonight 51°F(Cold)

  • birdsnblooms
    Original Author
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    What a depressing Sunday! It was dark all morning and that it's evening, it's even darker..morning and afternoon dark blended into evening dark. It's awfully dark. :(
    It snowed in Chicago, so I can imagine how cold it is in the city..they don't call it the Windy City for nothing. It probably feels like 10F downtown.

    Ryan, I'd think all or most succulents and tropicals for that matter go dormant around this time of year. Every plant book I've read warns, do NOT fertilize after Sept/Oct because plants go into dormancy. The only succulent that's said to be fertilized and supposedly grows during winter is Aeonium.

    I worry about Caudex. Does anyone know if they're supposed to be watered in late autumn and winter? I have one, no ID, that lost its first I thought it was a goner, but the trunk is firm.

    Ryan, what type of Olive tree do you have? Are all olives, Oleo's?

    The mini Amaryllis aren't hardy..bulbs were tossed in a Night Orchid Epi pot as an took time but they germinated and have been flowering the last 2 or 3 yrs.
    There's an online nursery that sells nothing but Amaryllis. I can get the name if you're interested. They sell numerous types, colors, etc. I'll post pics of its flowers..they look nothing like standard Ams.

    LOL Ryan, you're so thorough describing

    Hey Pug.. Pug, I KNOW I promised ordering 3 months, but went to Ebay..BIG mistake..
    One seller had/s a bunch of sucs for .99 each..won 8. Faucaria Tigrina, Aloe 'gold tooth' Senecio 'articulata', Dwarf C ovata, (think ID is wrong), sedum lucidum, Dudeleya, and C. port, (again think it's wrong,) and an unknown suc.
    Also got Euphorbia decarya, Jatropha gossypiifolia, plus, Pachy lealii, Dorstenia foetida, and Dorstenia sp, Seeds.

    WARNING: Stay away from Ebay!

    Another seller has two variegated tropicals I'm interested in, but the prices are sky high..but they are something. Whoohoo!!!

    Here's the pics of the Amy bulbs:



    5:45pm...34.0F 47% humidity brrrr

  • ryan820
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Pugs-- sorry I am not very good at IDing things-- especially succulents as I'm limited only to port afras. I have other jades but have NO idea what they are! I do know that when they are in a lot of sun light, they look just like yours, though (the top photo in that post).

    It isn't so cold. Thats the best thing about Denver-- we can have such a wide variety of temps and weather all in the same week-- so it is never too bad for too long. With that said, there is one heck of a storm system attempting to cross the Rockies. I don't think we'll get snow out of this one either-- but the mountains will get dumped on. Good for them! More to ski on! Also, come Spring, more for us to drink! And best of all, it makes the range look amazing. I really do love this State. From where I live I can see Longs Peak (roughly 40 miles away) and all the way down to Pikes Peak (roughly 65 miles away) and every peak in between! And another cool thing about all those peaks is that each one has its own personality, so to speak. Longs has this weird top that gets stripped of its snow, so it always sticks out among the other peaks that get tons of snow. Pikes gets plenty of snow but is surrounded by deep valleys so it often has these stripes of different snow on it that represent the different type of weather each elevation experienced. Anyway, I could go on and on about my mountains!

    Toni-- yes my olives are olea europea-- or european olive or even "common" olive. The grower I bought them from bred them to favor small leaves-- so they are great for bonsai-- they just take a while to grow. But i'm determined!

    As for the rest of the olives out there-- only Oleas (and whoever is out there, correct me if I'm wrong) are actual olive (the fruit) bearing trees. All of them can find their origins to the Med Sea/Mideastern areas. Things such as Russian Olives are not true olives. That is the only example of a tree bearing the name olive that isn't a true olea.

    I chose Oleas for bonsai because of their cultural significance. They are steep in history in all Judeo-Christian and even Muslim faiths for their ability to survive, their ability to provide and at least in the case of the Old Test. they offer up branches as peace offerings ;o) The Olive is so important to so many cultures, too, from the Greek Olympians to, and some would say this is its biggest accomplishment as a tree, the use of the trees olive oil in Italian food that we all love SO MUCH (I didn't eat dinner yet and I'm about to eat my arm). There was even an Olive grove used by Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane.

    About my weather-- I just copy and paste it from!

    Scattered Clouds
    Feels Like: 48°F
    Wind Chill: 46° Ceiling: Unlimited
    Heat Index: 49° Visibility: 10mi
    Dew Point: 27° Wind: 6mph
    Humidity: 43% Direction: 30° (NNE)
    Pressure: 29.77in Gusts: 0mph


  • ryan820
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    So I went to my garden center today and browsed their succulent section, which is quite large, and ALL of their jades were flowering!!!!!!!!! I've never actually seen them do that before! There were tons of them, too.

    Just thought I'd share.

    Our pressure is holding steady at 29.77in Hg, so I'm thinking the storm spinning over us will save its havoc for the Midwest. No snow today!

    Broken Clouds
    Feels Like: 39°F
    Wind Chill: 37° Ceiling: 9500ft
    Heat Index: 40° Visibility: 10mi
    Dew Point: 29° Wind: 5mph
    Humidity: 65% Direction: 80° (E)
    Pressure: 29.77in Gusts: 0mph


  • birdsnblooms
    Original Author
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hey Ryan...Did any succulents follow you home? lol.
    How many varieties did they have? See anything unusual? New and exciting?

    A few yrs ago, we went to a local nursery..when you enter the greenhouse, there's 3 huge rooms filled w/succulents..
    One plant that caught my attention was a 6+' variegated Pony Tail. It's leaves were green with yellow speckles.
    The owner, Ted, is a really nice guy and possesses quite a sense of humor. I asked about the pony tail, and its price..he came back with, 'Can you take a second mortgage on your house?' lol..The PT was started from seed in the 1940's..Several nurserymen have practically begged him to sell, but he refuses. Little baby PT's were growing off the trunk. The problem is, no matter what they do, the shoots die. I wanted to ask if he'd sell a shoot, but didn't have the nerve. lol
    The PT was the most beautiful I'd ever laid eyes on.

    Got a new plant in the mail today, even though it hasn't quite been 3 months, lol..It's called a Pickle Plant..I think its botanical name is Othonna capensis..Unsure about spelling..
    If you or anyone has info on this succulent, I'd appreciate it.

    Anyway, sounds like you had a productive day. I hope you found something nice..if so, please post pics..

    Mind if I ask what floor your're on? The view sounds amazing. Mountains are so beautiful, and you're right, each have their own personality. Especially during different seasons.

    I emailed the nurseryowner where I bought my olive tree. Hope he remembers..Think he sold one type, so he should.
    Are you saying there are some olives with large leaves and other with small? What size are we talking? Never considered an olive bonsai. Do they need a cool period? Do you consider olives slow-growing? Seems like mine is taking forever to grow..Don't get me wrong, it's grown since its arrival, but slow, very slow.
    Now that you've brought up bonsai, lol, since I have no intention of purchasing another olive, how difficult or perhaps easy would cuttings do? Any ideas?

    Russian Olive..isn't RO a perrenial? I can't recall its family..I had a RO growing in the garden, its stems and leaves had a silver hue. Very pretty, but you're right, it's not an olive that bears fruit. I'm thinking it's an herb, but not sure..perhaps Sage?

    Yep, Olives are mentioned in the Bible, though I can't recall their significance.
    Gotta love Olive Oil..Wonder why it's much more expensive than veggie or corn oil. I doubt there's an olive strike. lol.

    Did you catch the election? Our future president offered Olive branches to those who didn't vote for him. Guess it was a gesture of peace.

    Here's pics of my new Pickle plant, and new succulent shelf..The shelf is a blessing, it holds numerous sux.

    8:55pm, 33.3F, 52% humidity... Toni




    Pic one faces south and west, pic two faces west and north.

    Have a great day..

    PS. Ryan, thanks so much for the weather site..I saved it to favorites..

  • joscience
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Toni: The plant in the third picture is Delosperma echinatum. The confusion comes from 'Pickle Plant' being an over used name, similar to 'Jade'. It seems that many online nurseries and eBay sellers use these popular names to increase the number of page views for a particular plant. The end result is tens of plants with only one common name.

  • birdsnblooms
    Original Author
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Jo, thank you so much. I Googled both botanical names, and ironically, the plant Othonna looks similar to Delosperma, (yellow flowers, small leaves, (no bumps,) but more important, there is a huge difference in care.
    Othonna is cold hardy, z6-7, even as low as zone 5, whereas Delosperma's need warmer conditions. Several sites stated Othonna is an ice plant..I also checked Desert-tropicals, according to them, both are ice plants, which is confusing.
    Anyway thanks for the correct name. The Pickle is definately, withouot doubt, Delosperma. Think I'll mention this to the seller on Ebay. Toni

    3:10pm, 39.4F, 72%

  • puglvr1
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Nice Plants Toni!! Boy you sure have a lot, lol...I like the "pickle plant", very cool!!

    I wanted to show you a picture of one of the berries on my Coffee Plant, some are starting to turn red!! Sorry Blurry

    Also, I have this red plant...I think its a Kelanchoe? I have a few otheres, but they're green. This one had a little pink mixed with the green in the summer, but now is almost red. Is this a Kelanchoe?

  • birdsnblooms
    Original Author
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hey Pug, Beautiful..look at those coffee beans..Soon they'll be ripe enough to pick, and maybe germinate??
    Very nice.

    I think it's Kalanchoe, but not sure which species. It's SO red!!! Then again, it might be'm unsure..hope someone has an answer..Whichever, it's gorgeous..Toni

    1:47am 42.6F 87% humidity..too cold for comfort

  • puglvr1
    15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    7:00 pm. 73°F(Heat Wave, lol) 97% Humidity... High was 85°F today(felt like summer)

    Thanks Toni, will have to wait to see what it might be?