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A new Oro Blanco to my collection! Pic

12 years ago

Good morning. Yes!

I received this beautiful dark green Oro Blanco tree from, you guessed it Four Winds since they are not only my friends. but have a big heart.

They knew the last tree I received was giving me a very rough time since I could not for the life of me contain the root stock from taking hold over my tree. No matter what I did, only after a week or two, I would have to keep pinching off new root stock growth while the grafted portion would not grow at all!

So in their haste to make me happy and in their understanding of this, they sent me a replacement tree of my choice and I chose the Oro Blanco.

I potted it up as soon as I got it into a 5.1.1 mix. Since I understand the concept behind it and could not come up with every exact ingredients, well in particular peat, I amended it a bit. I think it will be ok.

This is my mix: 5 parts of uncomposted, 'fir bark' and composted bark, 1 part of 'turface', 1/2 part of crushed granite, and 1/2 perlite. Just a pinch of lime.

I made sure to spread the roots apart and then filled in as best as I could around the roots making a mound of mix in the pot, then setting the tree on top. I then used my fingers to push the mix into and around the roots and then a barbecue stick to finish the job.

With the help from my Mom whom I am caring for, I watered the mix in very well and presto, stuck it under a tree for dabbled light.

Now I will check for pest, which there probably isn't any and spray it down with a good FE solution.

Please wish me luck with this one and thank you 'Four Winds' and all who have made it possible for me to be successful thus far.:-)

A look at the tree and a close up of the mix. I love the color of both the tree and the mix.






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