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Jades and Jade Cuttings - Update pics!!!

Happy Halloween, folks!

As the succulent season draws to a close here in northern California, I thought I'd share some images of my Jades. First up, I'd like to thank Mike for some excellent variegated Jade cuttings! I am excited to grow these, and to share the progress with you all! Here is a rather handsome tip-cutting:


Second up, I'd like to thank Josiah for the various Jade cuttings that he sent me earlier this spring. The cuttings have done well, despite certain raccoon attacks in July. Now that The Big Jade Cutting is established, I plan on whacking it down again....this time, I'll cut it in half completely, and then I'll re-root the top section.


And here's the Portulacaria afra that Jo sent - this is a new favorite...I love the texture, the bark, and the vigorous growth (far faster than the variegated form). I've rooted several cuttings from this cutting; one I gave to my brother (it is growing fabulously in Sacramento), and the other I rooted in the garden.


Now an update on my oldest Jade, which I call my "Mother Jade." I pruned it a few months ago, and it's slowly coming back into shape.



Now for the smaller stuff: a monstrose 'Gollum/Hobbit' cutting from Jo. This one will get a better pot, as soon as I find the right thing. It rooted nicely, with minimal leaf-drop. The twine is ready to come off, as the Jade is solidly rooted in place.


This assortment of cuttings was started in this herb planter. Small-leaf Jade (on the left), 'Gollum' that I grew from a leaf, and two 'Hobbits' (on the right). I'll have to separate these soon....but they are looking cozy!


My small-leaf Jade. Best color in July. Looking a bit washed out these days.


This is my Jade 'Hobbit' - recently re-potted due to an attack by raccoons. Also looking washed out these days.


My poor, poor 'Hummel's Sunset' - oh what a saga!

This variety was the hardest to find...and has been the hardest to maintain - plus, the leaves that I tried to root all died. Also had to be re-potted due to raccoon attack and a cat/deck-rail mishap. I guess I'm lucky just to have it still. Trying its best to re-grow least the lovely red stems are visible without the leaves to get in the way... :-(


These next two images are my Jade 'Skinny Fingers/Gollum'



And lastly, this is my first 'Gollum.' It's had a rough go of things, having been molested this summer and last by raccoons. Although small, it's one of my favorite Jades. Finally some new growth from the branch that was bitten off.



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