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Leaves curling under on my drawf lemon tree.. please help

8 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I planted a drawf lemon tree in my backyard late June this year. Currently it's showing sign of growth since the Spring started few weeks ago. However what I did notice recently is many of the leaves were curling under (inwards). I provided some links to photos I took so you guys can see exactly what's happening.

I figured I should also give you a bit of background information in case it would help:-
- After I planted the tree I followed the instructions that came with it and water twice in the first 3 weeks and then once a week
- 3 weeks ago I threw in some 'Osmocote plus' thinking to give it a boost
- looks to me all the leaves are quite green and after checking the leaves I don't spot any pest

I read some articles on other websites and am suspecting this might be related to overwatering?

Thanks in advance.

Here are some more photos I hope the links are working:

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