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Work, work work! My final project is almost complete

Lacking space for more conifer plants, I had been saving this slope for a mass planting of mostly tall/narrow conifers to give both my neighbor and myself more privacy(the images show my house, as he would see it from his driveway).

This remodel was no fun. Thick, and well established on this rocky/sandy slope was the noxious ground-spreading St. John's Wort. Spreading via underground runners, it's very tough to remove, spreads like wildfire and will probably be something I have to keep fighting for a number of years.

I did some poisoning of the St. John's Wort with a leaf-based herbicide last Autumn, the roots, shrubs and everything else pulled, hacked out and cleared this Spring.

Here are the before/after photos.

An overview. Note the finished landscaping from last Winter to the left.







A few more shots and closeups.





Phew, time to go lay in the hammock for a few months.

I'll post some pictures as I add new plants and everything begins to yawn over the next 3-4 weeks.


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