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My lime tree USED to produce flowers

17 years ago

I have a lime tree that hardly ever flowers. I've seen only a handful of flowers in the last 6 months, and they've all fallen off. I know it can flower, because it has in the past. Some history of the tree follows.

I've had the lime tree in a pot for about 4 years. It is in a pot that is 2 feet in diameter (about the width of its branches). It produced fruit the first year. It's original production was minimal, which did not surprise me since it was still not very large (about 4-5 feet tall).

It then went through almost 2 years of neglect in full sun. I shared a yard with an aggressively territorial neighbor, which kept me from giving it constant care. It lived, but during this time its leaves turned yellowish and it did not fruit. It flowered occasionally, but they always fell off.

Now I have moved to a house with my own yard, and have been giving it attention for the last 12 months. The sun is less direct, about 3-4 hours full sun a day. I have been watering it more frequently, about 2-3 time per week through the spring. During this intensely hot summer I've watered it almost every day. The drainage seems adequate, so I assume I am not overwatering. I have also been giving it a couple tablespoons of citrus food (20-10-15, mixed in water) every 3 months. It has new growth, the leaves are dark green, and it definitely appears to be much healthier. People comment on how nice it looks, so I assume it's doing ok.

Is the lack of fruit expected from a recently stressed citrus? Or is there something I can do to promote flowering? Less water? Different food? Different pot?

Thanks in advance.

(Does this forum allow images? I have a photo if that helps.)

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