Dianathus Amazon Neon

15 years ago

Please tell me more about this annual dianthus and how you use it. Some of you have included it in your "must-have" or "really good" lists. I'm having a really hard time imagining how I would use blooms of SO many colors on one stalk in any design. The photo in my catalog illustrates at least 3 distinctly different colors on one cluster--with a garish neon effect. I don't really want a circus polka dot look.

I understand that advantages include the large cluster on sturdy stems, plus long vase life.

Do you use these alone, or do you mix them with other flowers? If you mix them, what do you use?

My catalog lists both Rose Magic (shown in photo) and Duo. There's neither a description or a photo of Duo. If you have used it, what does it look like?

Maybe my problem is color preference, maybe poor photo, maybe lack of imagination. Thanks for your help.


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