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Bare root ferns mismarked - ID Japanese? Autumn?

11 years ago

In June I purchased and planted a quantity of bare root cuttings, and had good success with them coming up. But, I can now see that a lot -- if not most -- of them were mismarked, and it appears that I got very little of what I ordered.

It's pretty obvious with the Hay Scented and New York that came up as Maiden Hair, but I'm not so sure on the supposed Autumn ferns and Japanese Painted ferns.

I know some plants change appearance as they mature, so can anyone tell me if young Autumn ferns and young Japanese painted ferns should bear some obvious resemblance to the mature plants?

In both cases, the ferns are now about 6-8" tall and have from 3 to 6 fronds, so I can ger a pretty good sense of them.

The so-called Autumn ferns are light green and don't have the leathery texture I associate with that variety. They also just don't look much like Autumn ferns.

The Japanese Painted are also completely, uniformly light green, but the shape of the frond is not clearly different from my mature Painted ferns. Not exactly the same, but. . . .

Should I be patient? They have offered to replace them if I dig them up and return them. I want the varieties I ordered, but it breaks my heart to dig the little guys up if they actually might be right.


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