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your fern recommendation for this picture

16 years ago

I have a couple spots I am considering putting some ferns. I don't know much about ferns other than I admire them when I see them and they generally like shade to part shade and moisture. Would someone view the picture I have posted(at least I hope it posts) and recommend what they would plant in the bare areas. I looked at some ferns at my local garden center and to be honest with you, they all look the same to me with the exception of the Japanese painted fern. The area I'm looking at is on both sides of the spice bush that is planted in the middle of the picture. I know my plantings are probably not so great compared to alot of you but I'm slowing learning and filling in as I go. I would like some fern ( how many?) toward the back near the fence and something to add contrast and color in the front of them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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