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White Fly Infestation on new plants

11 years ago

Hi all!

I have a small balcony container garden that I packed with plants-tomatoes, herbs, peppers, a small fig tree, 2 plumeria, and my citruses. Sadly I got a major silver leaf white fly infestation while I was super busy with work and it got out of control. I lost two struggling citruses (very young transplants from a less than reputable store) although I'm not sure it was the white flies that did them in. I had ordered 3 new plants from Four Winds, a kumquat, a key lime, and a moro orange, before the infestation got out of control and plants with an infestation. The kumquat looks really healthy and was placed outside on the balcony about 7 days after I potted it. The key lime and moro, planted in gritty mix, are suffering. The leaves are curling like they aren't getting enough water which I'm monitoring with a moisture gauge. I've been misting them with water and Neem to protect them from the white flies. I've also been feeding them with Foliage Pro 9-3-6 mixed with some white vinegar at least once a week but closer to two times. They have been inside while they get established. There isn't enough sun for normal, established growth however. Would they be better inside, away from the white flies, or outside in the sun? It's been 3 weeks since they've been potted. I've removed about a third of the other plants--mostly tomatoes which were the white flies favorites. My worry is now that the tomato population is down they'll move to the citruses and plumeria.

Also, any thoughts on how to prevent white flies next year? Less plants? Lady bugs on a balcony 15 floors up isn't doable.



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