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Help my citrus survive college! (lots of questions)

12 years ago

I originally wrote a long intro explaining how i got into citrus but I think I'll save it for some other time. :)

Long story short, I'm currently in a small dorm/house in college with 5 trees to tend and only one partially shaded southern window and a college budget to do it with.

My plants used to be outside, which they loved, growing more than four times their original size in a few months. I kept them in a shady area for 2 weeks then re-potted all of my plants into the gritty mix (turface, bark, granite, and a touch of gypsum) and brought them to my dorm, which is kept between 67 and 74 degrees fahrenheit depending on my roommate's mood.

I can't put them outside, my rowdy housemates would destroy them, so they're stuck inside until next spring/summer.

Now what?

Will my measly window provide them with enough light, or will I have to use a grow light to keep them from stretching out of shape in search of a sun they can never reach?

How should I fertilize my plants in this mix? I have regular ol' Miracle Gro. I should add Epsom salts and vinegar, right? Maybe? How much?

My plants:





My newest plant is a Meiwa Kumquat courtesy of a good friend in LA who knew I wanted to try a kumquat. I just wanted to eat one, but she found this site called "fourwinds" and sent me one. ;)

She's a great gal.


It came with flowers all over (that smelled like PEZ candies and lilys) and now it has cute little baby fruits everywhere. Can I grow them into full-sized fruits indoors?


Please help me not kill her gift.

Thanks in advance for your help! You guys are the best!

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