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Having containers built - what should I consider?

Adrienne Gray
11 years ago

Hello everyone - we just moved into a new construction that we are still finishing out, and I have the "pinch me" great fortune of a carpenter at my disposal until the weather cools. It's always been a dream of mine to grow container citrus to satisfy our lemonade habit as well as take advantage of how stunning they are, especially in multiple plantings, but the cost of the planters has always been prohibitive. My husband was complaining that he was running out of things to keep our carpenter busy for the next couple of weeks and I about fell over when he agreed to let me build planters!

Our back deck gets full sun from 7am until about 3pm. I'm looking at containers about 30" high x 22" square. Since we do dip into the 20's off and on throughout the winter, we're going to build in hidden casters so we can roll them under the covered porch.

Here are my questions. First, we're looking at cedar - is that perfect, or is there another species we should consider? (I looked into the composite pvc woods, but our carpenter begged me not to as we're building a number of these and it's difficult to drill/cut).

Second, I've been reading about the gritty mix and I'm very intrigued. Should I put it directly in the planters or should we use a liner?

Finally, with the gritty mix, is it advisable to plant decorative annuals or something like an ivy at the base of the plant to give it interest and visual depth?

Thanks in advance for indulging my novice! I'm so excited, but I DO NOT want to screw this up :)

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