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Just got this lemon tree but it doesnt look like a lemon tree?

12 years ago

Hey Everyone. My first post to this site! I own a landscape design company in central New Jersey. We have a customer that had this mushroom shaped tree in his front yard with huge thorns on it. I never knew what it was, but it was about 6' tall and 6' in diameter, with a single trunk about 5" thick. It looks like they kept shearing it every year and now it is shaped like a huge mushroom! One day I noticed lemons on it! Well that customer moved and a new one moved in, and he didnt want this tree anymore, so today I transplanted it to my shop. The problem is it is so thick from them shearing it from the outside every year that i dont know what to do. No pictures Ive found online show a tree like this. If you look through the center there are just hundreds of spiny little branches. Im not sure what to do with the tree. It produces alot of lemons though! If I can figure out how to post a picture I will. Anyone ever seen a lemon growing like this or is this a special kind of lemon tree???

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