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Witches brooms and canoe trip

15 years ago

Hi everyone,

Please tell me if this is feasible.....

Last summer I went on a 2 week canoe trip in a very remote part of northern Ontario. I noticed dozens of witches brooms as we paddled down the river. As I had no idea of how to collect a cutting, or how to graft it once cut, I content myself with admiring.

Now, we are going on another canoe trip this summer. I was thinking to try and collect some specimens this time round. Obviously, I would need to learn how to do this, never mind having to climb the trees (usually don't carry a ladder when running whitewater) But I can do all that.

My biggest concern is whether the specimens would last, if they are cut at the start of a 2 week trip. Is there a way to protect and preserve them for a week or two until i get back?

Second question: How do you know if a broom is worth propagating? These were mostly spruce, and I wonder if they would just end up being unimpressive scraggly specimens in the end, even if I was able to perform all the magic required to propagate them.

Thanks so much,


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