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more Meyer Lemon re-potting issues

18 years ago

Hi there,

I've been reading some of the other postings and have learned a lot, but still have some questions maybe someone could help me with?

I recently moved from SF to Seattle bringing my potted dwarf Improved ML with me. The tree made the transition a few months ago without problem and has been blooming and setting fruit, however I'm concerned it needs re-potting (it's been in the same (very heavy!) terra cotta pot for a year and a half)

My gardening book says the pot should be at least 18" in diameter - mine is 14" (interior dims) and the tree is 30" h and approx 26" in diameter. Can I tell if it needs repotting without taking it out of the pot? It bloomed a lot this spring and has some small lemons (golfball size) but also lost a lot of little fruit which went green to yellow to brown and fell off. It's starting to bloom again but several lower leaves have turned mottled yellow and fallen off.

I just fertilized it hoping that was the problem but it looks like a couple more lower leaves are going yellow.

So -

Is there a way to tell if it's a repotting issue without potentially damaging it?

Is it ok to repot while it has maturing fruit and blooms?

How big a pot should I get and is one kind better than another?

It's outside and gets a lot of sun and I'm hoping it will like survive (and thrive) in the Seattle winters but wonder if it would be better off inside.

I've read about soaking the rootball (which I plan to do, but imagine I need some help) and CHC which I'll switch to - last time I planted it I used straight potting soil.

Sorry for the long post - my last Meyer was in the ground and happy as a clam - now I"m a worried mom...

Thanks in advance!

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