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Need help moving ferns

17 years ago

I moved to a new house last summer and I'm dealing with some rather, um, interesting gardening decisions of the previous owners. The one most relevant to this forum is the fact that they planted numerous large ferns, hostas, and lily of the valley directly next to the foundation of the house. The bed is quite large but the outer 1/3 or so is bare while the 1/3 next to the house is jam-packed with foliage.

I tried to move a particularly large fern in the fall when we were moving downspouts due to drainage problems, but it didn't survive transplanting. Is my only option to thin next to the foundation or should I actually be able to move those ferns to the outer edge of the garden bed?

Similarly, there are a few ferns that have come up in the middle of hostas...should I just pull and destroy them or do you think I could transplant to bare spots? I have successfully divided some of the hostas and will continue working on them but would really like to salvage the ferns as well. I have no idea what kind of ferns I'm working with (sorry!)... they just look like run of the mill boston ferns to me but I think the one I killed may have been an ostrich plume based on what I have read. Thanks so much for any suggestions!

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