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leaf drop on potted indoor meyer lemon?

14 years ago

I bought a Meyer lemon tree about 6 weeks ago from a local nursery. They weren't sure of the age but I thought maybe 3 years old -- it is about 3 feet tall and had some small fruits on it. When I brought it home it looked very healthy, but was still in its nursery container. After doing some research here I decided to repot using a variant of Al's gritty mix so frequently talked about on the container forum (something like 7:4:5, turface:granite:pine bark, I wanted it to hold a little more water than his 1:1:1 recipe, plus the bark is a little too big and I figured I would need to counteract this). I soaked the rootball, removed all the old medium, and carefully poured some of the new mix into the rootball before repotting in a 14 in pot.

In the last week since I repotted, the leaves have been gradually curling and falling off, maybe 5-10 each day. A couple looked slightly yellow, but mostly they are green. Of course the 3 small lemons also fell off. I'm not sure if this has to do with the repot or whether it might be related to the hot weather we have been having (it is in something like a bay window with a lot of south and some eastern exposure).

I don't think it's too much water, because the new medium drains super fast (maybe too fast).

Too little water -- roots not acclimated to the new medium yet?

Or could the leaves be hot relative to the soil? I've read this can cause leaf curt/drop. There is a window ac unit nearby, and the soil is cool, but the leaves appear to be getting a lot of heat. I have moved it away from the windows for now.

I appreciate any help! I have been planning to get this tree for a long time and I don't want to kill it now!



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