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How to properly care for my trees

10 years ago

hello everyone,

i am a new citrus guy and i like some input. I live in zone 9, so it gets up to 116�F in the summer. I have a shade for the containers trees and i started putting shades for the in-ground threes.

This is my second year with fruit trees mostly in containers and mostly citrus, but i seem not to have a very green thumb. Some of my trees seem to be doing good while others are not and i figure that i must be doing something wrong or not doing something i am supposed to do.

Here is what i am currently doing for my trees in ground:

planted them using a citrus "soil mix" that i found at Lowe's. Hole 2x the size of the root ball, so aprox 24 inches wide by 20 inches deep so i can put some of that mix on the bottom.

Water them every saturday during summer, and every 2 weekends during winter. Fertilize using Osmocote on Easter, Memorial Day and Labor day weekends.

My containers trees i used the same citrus mix, but added some mulch (tree bark and chips) and some compost. I have one of them in Al's 5-1-1 gritty mix. Water every day during summer, twice a week during winter. Fertilize using fish emulsion every month or month an a half.

what do you guys think of this? is there anything else i can do to have healthy trees?

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