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Fruitless Lime

10 years ago

I forget what variety of lime this tree is but it hasn't bloomed or fruited since I planted it maybe five years ago. It puts on one or two decent growth shoots a year and the leaves look pretty healthy. I would like to try to aerate the soil and maybe even dig it up and plant it on a mound. I have poorly drained clay soil, wet winters, and hot, muggy summers. Any comments are welcome but my main question is does this tree have a tap root that would keep me from looseening the soil around the tree with a fork and then raising the tree without fully digging it up? I have a small kumquat that is without a doubt planted too deep and I would like to try pushing it up also...but I don't think this will work if they have tap roots that would be too deep to loosen with the fork. Thanks for your thoughts!

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