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Aptenia Cordifolia Ice Plant not flowering...ever!

Help, please!

A very special person gave me an Aptenia Cordifolia Ice Plant [So I could "always have flowers in my life" - How beautiful is that!] before he passed away earlier this summer. Needless to say, this plant is very special to me.

The plant has grown beautiful large healthy leaves and is hanging about a yard long in a window, but has NEVER flowered. All the buds dry out & die before they flower. The leaves at the base of the plant also dry out and I am constantly clipping these off & moving the stems deeper into the soil to root.

The soil is 1/2 cactus mix, 1/2 houseplant soil. It is never too wet and is allowed to dry out between waterings. I water very lightly on Wednesdays and thoroughly on Saturdays.

Knowing the plant needs sun to flourish, I have changed the pot from morning sun to strong afternoon sun and there has been no improvement. I do not know why. I've had another similar plant and it grew completely effortlessly and was full of flowers year-round in these same windows.

What can I do to save this plant? Your input is greatly appreciated.

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