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Citrus trees not doing well at all

11 years ago

My citrus trees are not doing well at all. They are all growing in pots in Roots Organics soil and Sunshine Mix #4.

Calamondin - About 2' tall, very green leaves, some fruit is growing, but . . . much of the new stems are COVERED with these strange "things." I thought they were black or brown aphids. I scraped them off with a q-tip and dipped it in water, some held its roundish shape, but others seemed to dissolve as if it were reddish-brown mud . . . as if it were droppings. Very strange.

Bearss lime - About 2' tall, but no new branches or leaves for 4 years. This tree has a few of the same strange things as the calamondin, the leaves are green but much of the new growth is curled. Flowers bloom, little tiny green fruit form, but falls off.

Meyer lemon - About 1' tall, recent purchase. Three little fruit formed, but two of them turned brown and look as if they will fall off.

I've been feeding the trees the Roots Organics Buddha Grow and Bloom, and watering every other day. Is it missing some nutrients? Do you think they will do better in the ground?

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