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All you guys with gorgeous weed free conifer collections...

... I look at your photos and drool all the time as I am an absolute sucker for a meticulous garden.

I see some of you use a wood mulch, others use stones, and others seem to use no mulch at all.

But the one thing I always notice is the lack of weeds!

How on earth are you controlling weeds in such large collections?

I can't imagine using a herbicide- it would take gallons each week and in such quantities it can't be good for the plants, the soil, and the earth.

Even high strength vinegar would eventually affect things like soil pH.

You can't be pulling by hand- I work six hours a day in my yard, most of them hand pulling weeds and while I have a very large expanse of ornamental beds by residential standards it is nothing like some of the properties I see here!

Do you have staff?

Do you Preen?

Do you torch?

Do you hoe?

Please tell me about your weed control methods!

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