Satsuma tree doesn't produce

10 years ago

Hello. New to the forum and I did a search to see if this had been asked and I didn't find anything so I was hoping maybe someone out there could pass on some knowledge that might help me out.

I have a Satsuma tree planted in my back yard. The tree is beautiful and to the top is almost 12' tall. It has nice color, long thorns and the tree is very healthy. The tree is about 4 or 5 years old and it has never produced. I had the tree planted at my old house but I dug it up and moved it when it was about 2 years old. Once I planted it at our new home it grew very quickly. I have made sure there are no suckers, but I have never pruned the tree back. I also apply the citrus fertilizer each year.

I also have a Meyer Lemon, Blood Orange, Naval Orange and another Satsuma tree planted. My other Satsuma tree is only about 4' tall and I've had it planted for 2 years and it already has 10 - 15 satsumas on it. Same with the Blood Orange.

Any tips or suggestions? Is it possible to just have a dud that doesn't grow anything?

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