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2010 New Additions photo gallery! (Post yours!)

I know snow is piled up on a lot of people, but sure enough, Spring is truely right around the corner - even if it's a fair-sized corner for some.

Spring for many conifer lovers/collectors means new additions to their garden/landscapes. New additions make you feel good - like curling your toes in deep plush carpet!

They offer cheer, even on cold March/April days, and in most cases, the start of a long, happy life in someone's treasured garden. I'll post an image or two every few days of some of my newest garden members - let's see yours as well!(try and keep photo's at 1024x768 max)

Picea abies 'Nidiformis Kalous' (from Bob Fincham - Coenosium Gardens)


Picea omorika 'Hexenbessen' (Whistling Gardens - Canada eh?)



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