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2 ?'s....Making own tripod trellis and pairing clematis..

Hi, I got bit by the clematis bug last year. This past summer I put in 5.

Haku Ookan

Polish Spirit



Claire De Lune

Pink Champagne

The first 4; I have put on the picket fence we had done this summer. It's a 4' high fence and I did a pattern of red, purple, red, purple. The plants I placed at every other main post. So each plant is 16' apart. Right now I don't want to completely cover the fence with clematis. These fence clematis get full sun 8-10 hours through out the day.

The Claire De Lune, I placed at the left front corner of my ranch house. It will get about 4-5 hours direct early and late morning sun, than is shaded by the house for the rest of the day. My husband is gonna put together a basic trellis and perm. attach to the corner of house for it.

The Pink Champagne is kinda placed in the middle of my side yard garden, this 1 I want to have my hubby build a basic 6' tall tripod. I do have black wrought iron panel's I could use, but decided to use them for something else and would rather have tripod's for the clematis.

I also WS'd seeds for clematis "Bells". If any sprout, I do want to train them up a short 2.5'-3' tripods at the corners of my garden walkway. These will be in full sun 8-9 hours.

For next year, I'm hoping to pick up Bee's Jubilee for the side of the house that only gets 3-4 hours direct hot afternoon sun. Than I wanted to put Empress on another tripod near the Pink Champagne. I also really want Belle of Woking; just not quite sure where I would put it at the moment.

So, my hubby is very good at wood working and has tools for it. Where could I find instructions for a simple cedar (no frill) triprod or something simular (from 3' - 6' height).

Also if instead of a tripod, he made me a 4 sided structure, could I plant 2 clematis per structure? What would go really well with Pink Champagne(already have), and with Empress(still need to get).

Thank you


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