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Citrus pruning and training

11 years ago

hello everyone! this is my first post after reading many many helpful threads ive finally decided to create an account and ask a question more specific to me and my trees situation.

my first question is about my first meyer lemon tree (the first plant ive ever owned actually). when i bought the tree it was actually more of a small bush, the nursary before i bought it had pruned the main trunk and it had all grown out and up from there :( at first i thought it would grow to a tree form but after reading around i realized i would have to train it to be this way so i got my sheers and trimed everything i thought shouldnt be on a tree off.... leaving one nice three way split with a middle branch i hoped would become a main trunk. what actually ended up happening though is one of the side branches took off like a rocket out and then curved up while the other two (including the one i thought would be the trees centre) didnt grow at all except for minor foliage. (they did produce buds though. now one side of my tree has grown to what looks once again like a bush and the other side is small. my question is if this is normal and if the tree will eventually grow on the other side and grow taller or if i will be stuck with a bush like plant from now on? also should i prune back the branch that shot out to the side in order to make the tree proportional?

my second question is about a much smaller meyer lemon that i bought last week from home depot. it was neglected there and hence was almost dead when i got it (marked down) except for one little branch of new growth coming right up the center. i took it home cut off every branch except the new one and so far its been great in about a week ive seen all new leaves on it and its shot up about 4-5"..... my question here is if i let it grow on its own will it be a bush as well or will it grow to a nice tree with one solid trunk? if not what can i do to ensure this will happen? i will post pictures of both trees as well as a mandarin tree i have. just to compare because idealy i would like the lemons to grow like the mandarin tree has and am looking for any information on how to do this properly without hurting the trees.

any information on pruning or links would be great everything i could find was for older trees and not much talked about training younger trees to grow as u want them to. im a novice when it comes to this stuff so my main concern right now is just making the trees grow healthy and have them looking nice. for the first meyer lemon i would be happy just to be able to get it to grow evenly on both sides even if it is doomed to be a bush.

thanks in advance

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