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HELP! Clematis search overload!!!

11 years ago

Hello Everyone! First I'd like to say that this site has been of great help to me! I am a new garder and so grateful to come across this site:)

I know you guys have heard it before but I could really use help on picking out a clematis. I have searched and searched but now would like to hear personal opinions.

I live in VA zone 7, our soil is clay. I have a coupon to use from Paradise Gardens so I am limited. I am looking for a lil guy that is easy, prefer drought tolerant, and min. pruning. We have a deck off the second story with a lattice screen that I would like for the clematis to cover. So approx. a total of 20 feet, more is fine. The deck gets very intense full sun. I do plan on planting behind one of the posts of the deck so the roots are sure to get as much shade as possible. I also plan to use rocks for drainage.

I am worried that if I were to go with a group 1, would it end up breaking my built in trellis (that is not very sturdy)? If I go with group 3, how hard is it to pull down the dead? I have back issues so I have to be careful of what I get myslef into.

Below is the list that I have narrowed it down to. Keep in mind that I am limited to the paradise garden selection. And would like to order ASAP before the frost. But please, any advice would be great! Thanks for your time!

Dutches of Albany - but believe they like moist soil

Mayleen- Montana

Montana Rubens


Cirrhosa freckles

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