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Please post pics of your citrus leaf problems-help w/ ID of cause

13 years ago

Hi All

Please post pictures of your citrus tree leaves that show signs of pests, disease or other problems. If you see a picture and can help identify the problem and can offer a solution please do so. I would like to get pictures of different leaves and their problems so those of us new to citrus can learn to identify problems early and treat as soon as possible. I am sure that all of the issues that I have with my trees have been dealt with on the forum but I am having a hard time locating the answers to my questions. So I thought I would try to start a thread specifically about leaves since that is where I notice my problems with my citrus first. Thank you in advance for all input.

This is from my Meyer Lemon - this is the only leaf that looks like this at the moment. I pulled it off. This is the front of the leaf- the spots are black


This is the back of the same leaf above- it is creased and torn because I sort of crushed it and threw it away before I decided to take a picture


This is the front of a leaf from the Meyer still on the tree - there are several like this on the tree - dark spots are rust in color


This is the back of the Meyer leaf above - damage is rust in color


This is my Mandarin tree - attempting to show damage done by Swallowtail butterfly cats- I did not know what they were and I pulled them off and smashed them. Later I learned they would have become beautiful butterflies. I am going to try to find some kind of host plant and next time I will relocate them to that plant if I find them. They eat leaves FAST


This is what the leaves of my Mexican Lime looked like when I got it - new growth is not curled and looks good. Just curiuos what caused the curling. The residue on the leaf is from spraying with fish emulsion last evening. Check the leaf with the hole - to the right of the hole - is that a red mite?


This is the front of a leaf from my Lemon Drop tree.


This is the back of the same leaf


Last night I sprayed all with fish emulsion/water on the tops and underneath leaves. Pictures were taken today. I have just started using FP 1/2 tsp in 2 gallons of water this week. I scrubbed the Meyer leaves with soapy water last night - the rust spots did not come off.

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