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No Growth Since Planting in Early Summer

9 years ago

I purchased four plants in late spring: two Warsaw Nikes, and two Will Goodwins. They came as two year old plants and were about 8 inches tall. I planted these out front to climb two large trellises I built a bit earlier. A few weeks after planting, both the Will Goodwiins broke at the stems. I put up some protection around all the bases now, and am hopeful that those two will continue to grow. The Warsaw Nikes are growing and beautiful.

I received two additional Warsaw Nikes from a different nursery. These came not as the established small plant, but shipped as frozen-like plants. The nursery claimed this was the best method. At any rate, they "awakened," and have been planted in the back yard, a bit more shady of an area. Plus, because they were unexpected, the soil I planted these two in did not get all the attention as the soil for all the other four plants did.

They have not died, and actually look pretty healthy,but I am concerned because they have not grown at all. They are still small plants, barely 3-4 inches off the ground, and yet they were planted a week after the front clematises (clemati? ...haha.). Is this normal for young plants? Or is my clay soil keeping them from growing roots? Is it the shade? Should I dig them up and amend the soil better? Or should I just calm down and wait?

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