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Came back from vacation and found rebloom

15 years ago

on Hagley Hybrid this week. Hooray!! Fortunately the blooms managed to handle the past two nights of 40 degrees here without much problem.

I generally don't get or expect much rebloom on my clems because our season is so short here - starts late, ends early :~). This year I decided to try cutting back some of my clems (type 3s) hard after bloom then fertilize them, as suggested here, & see if I could get some rebloom that way. I'm pretty satisfied with the results.

Jackmanii, Huldine, Blue Angel, & Mme Julia Correvon all promptly rebloomed for me (about 3 weeks after cutback), but there was no sign of rebloom in Hagley Hybrid until this week. It now appears to have almost as much bloom as it did the first time. Mme Julia Correvon, a well-established clematis, also rebloomed very heavily and is still in bloom now. Huldine which is a third year clematis put out only a few reblooms as did Blue Angel, a second year plant. Jackmanii, a twelve year old plant, rebloomed lightly, which it had never done in its previous 12 seasons, but with only the top 6-8 inches of new growth covered with blooms.

Betty Corning, a large established clematis, got too big for her spot and was drastically cut back while pretty much in full bloom. I fertilized her and she hardly skipped a beat, reblooming almost immediately.

I did not cut back C. x durandii, Polish Spirit, or Duchess of Albany because they never actually went out of bloom (until September). The Duchess, a second year plant, is still in bloom today and looks just like it did two months ago, with small clusters of bloom here and there all over the plant. There are still a few scattered blooms on the other two. And of course, my tangutica is still putting out blooms and the two SACs are in all their glory right now.

Next year I plan to cut quite a few other type 3s back and see how they do. Will keep you posted. And thanks to all of you for your good advice. I never would have thought of cutting them back in mid-season!

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