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sharing my experience with sweet autumn clematis with photos

11 years ago

Since we work during the day, we enjoy our backyard in the evenings for the most part, so I decided to try for a moon garden. I absolutely loved the photos of sweet autumn clematis and wanted my own. I'm in zone 5b fyi.

In 2007 I tried planting them in a pot with and obelisk (built by my husband).


It didn't come back over the winter. So I gave up for a few years.

I tried again in 2010 on the same obelisk by the fence. It came back the following year! This is September 18, 20011, the plant is 2 years old.


And this was last week, the sweet autumn clematis is 3 years old. I'm so happy how it looks. I actually have 2 of them on this fence, I'll try to get another photo of the whole area. And I love how it looks on the black fence, I don't see that too often. You can't see the obelisks anymore, the plant has completely covered it!


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