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Need new evergreen screen after Sandy and trees dying

9 years ago

When we bought a house 20+ years ago our back yard, specifically the wall of evergreens that gave us privacy was the best feature of the house. In recent years the evergreens started to thin out, look scraggly and die off. About 3 years ago we lost few trees in the middle of our green fence so we planted three 6 ft Leyland Cypress, one died and we had to replace it next year and then it lost the top. The two original ones are about 10 ft now. Last year we also put in few very small Leyland cypresses but are willing to relocate them. Then came Sandy and we lost 8 more trees and the rest looks pretty scraggly but we can't cut them all down right now. We want to start planting more trees to the right and left of 3 Leylands but also plan for cutting the rest of the scraggly 35'-40' tall old trees and replace with new ones in near future. The easiest and the cheapest probably would be to just put all Leyland Cypress but we are worried that too much of the same species is not good and it also does not look that interesting. We would like as a background to have the evergreen âÂÂscreenâ and then we would plant smaller bushes and perennials for color and more interest.

- What are some 2-3 different types of evergreens (preferably fast growing) that would work well for us
- How should we plant them - in groups of 3 or 5 or some other âÂÂrandom" pattern
- Is there a good place to look at some pictures or planting plans that would help us

Thank you so much for your help. It is sad looking outside now at all the stumps, scraggly trees and neighbors two streets away. :(

The back is pretty much straight, it kind of looks curved because of panoramic picture

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