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Can't take the heat

14 years ago

Lots of resources give you hardiness ratings but very very few will give you heat index info.

I recognize in Oklahoma we are borderline on several species which is why there aren't very many native conifers in Oklahoma. But so long as I play with the micro-climates around my place ( work the shadows - morning versus afternoon sun - etc ) I am doing OK so far. But as I prepare to finish out these big new beds with a lot of new conifers I wanted to ask.....

Are there conifer families you are pretty much positive just cannot survive long term in my environment's heat that you would recommend I just completely avoid?

As a for instance...I have always had difficulty with Chamaecyparis lawsoniana varietals - in this case more do to cold and wet issues - and have now pretty much moved away from them. I also have had real trouble keeping some Pinus koraiensis that I know is due to the heat.

So what are your thoughts......


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