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Weekend Trivia ~ Saturday

Good Morning Cottagers!! Happy Saturday! It's a grey drizzly day here - I think it is - I'm still half-asleep.

Well, that whole in like a lamb out like a lion thing got me curious last week. You know, Wikipedia has a whole entry on weather lore, and it's quite interesting. It is the nature of Human Beings to try to predict things, and weather is possibly one of the first things we tried to predict. Oral and written history is full of rhymes, anecdotes, and adages meant to guide the uncertain in determining whether the next day will bring fair or foul weather. For the farmer wanting to plant crops, for the merchant about to send ships on trade, foreknowledge of tomorrow's circumstances might mean the difference between success and failure.
So here's a test of your prognostication skills - which of these are true, and which are false.

1. Rain before seven, clear by eleven.

2. A coming storm your shooting corns presage,
And aches will throb, your hollow tooth will rage.

3. If clouds move against the wind, rain will follow.

4. A summer fog for fair,
A winter fog for rain.
A fact most everywhere,
In valley or on plain.

5. When March blows its horn,
your barn will be filled with hay and corn.

6. When halo rings the moon or sun, rain's approaching on the run.

7. Red sky at night, sailor's delight.
Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.

There, 7 seems a lucky number. So, my little barometers, which are true and which are false? As always I will be back with clues, which I confess are going to tough to give without giving it all away!!


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