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picture of the day *61* starting a new week

15 years ago

Good Morning to all who are able to come and visit.

It is a lonely time here. Way to many of you are out sick.

So I would like to dedicate this thread to pray for everyone who is fighting health issues, to get better soon.

Everyone is a little closer with another friend here. So do you know if your friend is ok and just busy. Or has a problem? Please take a minute and check up on them.

I will call Deb for the first time today. It is not like her not to answer my mails. Now I am worried about my friend. :-(

This is what makes this group great! We deeply care for each other.

Have a great start in this week. Cause soon I will be wishing you a great start in the new year ....are we ready?

YES!!! Lots of new things are coming. Lets hope they will bring relief to so many who need it.


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