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Coastal Redwoods

14 years ago

The husband and I were both able to take a day off on the last Friday in January. The weather had been unusually beautiful, so we went for a drive to the coast. Our ultimate destination to a nursery in Albion, CA took us through the coast range on Hwy 128; through Navarro River Redwoods State Park, a second-growth redwood forest.

These pictures show the traditional growth pattern of harvested, most probably clear-cut, Sequoia sempervirens. Note the trees are growing in "rings" around the stump location of the original tree. Some of the stumps are still visible, one looked to be 4 feet in diameter.





Redwood fence. Made by my father some 25 years ago, it was moved from the family farm house to our yard last year. The split grape stakes used (my grandpa's) would be 80 to 90 years old today.


The inland side of the hills was mostly mixed oaks. Covered with weeping lichens, the deciduous oaks were an unusual gray-green.



And last, the "witches broom" find I'm calling

'Christmas Kiss'



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