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Spring Design Nearing Completion - Thoughts?

13 years ago

I got a list of starter plants I'm purchasing from Song Sparrow & Girard Nurseries. I plant to place the order sometime next week. Here is the Before, The Photochop and the design view.

The placement in here could be a little different come spring once I get the plants here and see what looks best. Most of them are weeping, so I hope it'll look good. I just like the weeping look a lot better. After this bed I would like to create a few more in the coming years after the plants get established.

The after photo isn't completely finished (hence the snow on the deck in the middle of spring) lol.

The plant list includes:

Bruns Pendula

The Blues

Pixie Dust

Wingles Weeper

Hoopsi Blue Spruce

(2) Cypress Green Arrows

Cypress Weeping Blue

Skeeters Broom Jap Maple

20 Green Giants (Already Bought)

Misc (Daylilies, Knockout Roses, etc)




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