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Lemon tree; overgrown rootstock? Should I cut it back?

15 years ago

This is a mature lemon tree that was here on this property when I moved in. It's in pretty poor-looking soil (something I'm attempting to address through mulch), and doesn't get as much sun as I think it should (not much I can do about that, short of knocking down the apartment building next door). It has loads of green leafy growth but only a very few fruit have set (fruit is currently about 1 inch long- I can only spot a few fruit clusters on this 2.5m tall tree).

The fruit is only growing on branches that emerge from the central 'trunk' (see photos)- the other two trunks lead only to leaves & lots of thorns. Does this mean that the other two trunks are likely to be overgrown rootstock? If that is the case, would I gain anything by cutting these trunks off, or would that shock & kill the tree? When would be a good time to attempt this, and does anyone have any technique suggestions? This is my first time looking after a citrus tree so I feel like I need a lot of help.

Here is a link that might be useful: My lemon tree

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