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I dont know if i should give up on my aloe vera

13 years ago

Hi i decided to put my aloe vera outside but in a somewhat shaded area by the side of a table to ensure that it doesn't get to much sun right away. Anyway a family member of mine accidentally kicked it over and thought that it fell off the table so he put it on the table where it got the most sun it possibly could. I didn't realize this had happened for several days. My aloe has now lost lots of its bright green color. It has a yellow color now. All of the really big leaves look unhealthy and are broken in one or more places. There are 2 leaves that are very young that are still healthy. One is only half an inch and the other is about 4 inches but is still very skinny. My questions is should i cut off all the large broken leaves? Will the 2 new leaves be able to support the plant on its own?

thank you

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