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Citrus tree branches bark chewed off- fast and a lot!

17 years ago

I have a beautiful orange tree that I have just noticed has had its branch's barked chewed/gnawed right down to the green layer of the branch. It seems to be chewed rather "neatly" and the bark is being eaten/chewed at a very fast rate. On some branches, it has been eaten/chewed almost right off the entire branch, (and this is a large tree!). This has happened in just the last few days and at this speed, the entire tree will be barkless soon... HELP! Does anyone know what could be causing this.. rats, squirrels, BIG insects or some strange disease..? Is the tree likely to die now? Is there anything I should do to the areas of the branches where the bark is gone to help them heal or protect them? This is sad... the tree fruits so well and the oranges are delicious, I would hate to lose it.

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